Monday, 3 June 2013

Guess who's back?

After many days of hard work for college I am very exhausted, I've put in countless amount of time making sure that every little detail was up to scratch ready for my deadlines. Deadlines which haven't actually arrived yet but as I have only a few loose ends to tie up and plenty of free time I've been putting a few hours into Northern Plunder and making sure I'll be posting regularly from June onwards, I've come up with a new time table to make sure I don't bog myself down and I'm not starting any new books until my reviews are caught up on which of course I'm slowly achieving.

Any way I'm super stoked to be back! I'll start some blog hopping at the end of the week after one of my deadlines. 
Oh and whilst I'm at it, here's some of the work I've been making too:

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