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Sunday, 18 December 2011

18122011: In My Mailbox (4)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren
(Sorry that I haven't been up to date, I had a busy last week in college)

I actually won an ecopy of this book which I'm super stoked about, I've read 3% of it as a teaser on my iPhone so I will force myself to read my other books quicker. I was hooked straight away!

This Brilliant Darkness by Red Tash: When an ancient, deeply troubled entity identifies quirky Christine Grace as his latest threat, all hell breaks loose in the urban forest of Indiana University's Dunn Woods. Will Christine piece together his destructive plan in time to save herself? And what exactly is going on with this peculiar star, Stella Mirabilis? This fast-paced story moves quickly from character to character, introducing us to the headspace of not just Christine and the monster Greachin, but also to Tom, her devoted boyfriend, and Richard, an aging physicist interested in the time-traveling star overhead. Along the way, singing street people, cosplaying environmental activists, and heaven-sent beings come to populate the unique cityscape of Bloomington, IN, where encountering the bizarre is an everyday experience.

The second book, Dead of a Murderer, is what I'm reading this month for my college book club, I probably wont start it until after Christmas.

Death of a Murdered by Rupert Thomson: The story of a woman who, even after her death, inflames an entire nation, and of the man who comes under her spell. Having spent decades in prison for crimes gruesomely familiar to everyone in England, this murderer has finally died of natural causes but is no less notorious in death than she was in life. Billy Tyler, a career policeman, has been assigned the task of guarding her body—to make sure, he’s told, that nothing happens. But alone on a graveyard shift his wife begged him not to accept, Billy has occasion to contemplate the various turns his life has taken, his complicated thoughts about violence in himself and society, the unease that distances him from marital disappointment and a damaged daughter, and, finally, why it is that this reviled murderer, in the eerie silence of the hospital morgue, seems to speak to him directly and know him more fully than anyone else. In this dark night of the soul, his own problems and anxieties gradually acquire a new and unexpected significance, giving rise to questions that should haunt us all: Whom do we love, and why? How do we protect our children? And what separates us from those we call monsters? A gripping revelation of crime, of punishment—and of what we desperately seek to hide from ourselves.


  1. Both of these look really interesting- especially Death of a Murderer! Hope you like them :)

  2. Death Of A Murderer sounds intriguing!

    Happy reading :-)

  3. Ooh, I have Death of a Murderer and I'm so excited to read it. It sounds super fascinating. I hope you enjoy your reads! :)

    My IMM

  4. great haul wow happy reading i cant wait to the reviews!

  5. I'm so looking forward to reading them too :)
    I really need to get my nose down and stop getting distracted by steam and it's lovely sale.


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