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Monday, 16 January 2012

16.01.2012: Death of a Murderer

Title: Death of a Murderer
Author: Rupert Thomson
Page Count: 256
Summary: The story of a woman who, even after her death, inflames an entire nation, and of the man who comes under her spell. Having spent decades in prison for crimes gruesomely familiar to everyone in England, this murderer has finally died of natural causes but is no less notorious in death than she was in life. Billy Tyler, a career policeman, has been assigned the task of guarding her body—to make sure, he’s told, that nothing happens. But alone on a graveyard shift his wife begged him not to accept, Billy has occasion to contemplate the various turns his life has taken, his complicated thoughts about violence in himself and society, the unease that distances him from marital disappointment and a damaged daughter, and, finally, why it is that this reviled murderer, in the eerie silence of the hospital morgue, seems to speak to him directly and know him more fully than anyone else. In this dark night of the soul, his own problems and anxieties gradually acquire a new and unexpected significance, giving rise to questions that should haunt us all: Whom do we love, and why? How do we protect our children? And what separates us from those we call monsters? A gripping revelation of crime, of punishment—and of what we desperately seek to hide from ourselves. 
My Review: What started off as a book that had a bit of promise, turned into a drab story of any ordinary man who's marriage is going down the drain a little. I couldn't finish this book as it was boring and couldn't keep my attention but I have skimmed through everything after reading half of it hoping something would stand out and make an impression on me, unfortunately nothing did and my life would have been much better if I'd never picked this book up. 

Recommend: Don't waste your time
Rating: 0/5

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  1. Stupid book club! haha

    I wish I had a book club though...I might try to start an online one. Hmm.


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