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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Review: Girl Hearts Girl by Lucy Sutcliffe

Girl Hearts Girl
by Lucy Sutcliffe

Genre: Young Adult | Contemporary | Nonfiction
Length: 272 pages
Published on 24th June 2016 by Scholastic
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Copy recieved from Scholastic via Faye Rogers in exchange for an honest review

An inspiring, uplifting and sympathetic story about sexuality and self-acceptance, Lucy Sutcliffe's debut memoir is a personal and moving coming out story. In 2010, at seventeen, Lucy Sutcliffe began an online friendship with Kaelyn, a young veterinary student from Michigan. Within months, they began a long distance relationship, finally meeting in the summer of 2011. Lucy's video montage of their first week spent together in Saint Kitts, which she posted to the couple's YouTube channel, was the first in a series of films documenting their long-distance relationship. Funny, tender and candid, the films attracted them a vast online following. Now, for the first time, Lucy's writing about the incredible personal journey she's been on; from never quite wanting the fairy-tale of Prince Charming to realising she was gay at the age of 14, through three years of self-denial to finally coming out to friends and family, to meeting her American girlfriend Kaelyn.

Its not often that I read nonfiction and because of this I've not really reviewed one before. I was talking about this with my friend and she mention "what happens if you don't like it, its like your rating her life. Oh sorry your life was boring 0/10" which made me giggle as I hadn't quite thought about it like that.

Luckily that wasn't an issue, Lucy's book and life is far from boring. The writing was humourous when it needed to be but above all kept the right chatty tone throughout, it was clear we were listening to Lucy tell us about her life whilst she figured out and eventually accepted that she was gay, but also the anxiety this left her with throughout growing up.

Above all this story was relatable. It made me realise that yes there are other people out there facing each day filled with anxiety but they've all got their own coping methods to get through each day.

On top of this made me super proud of her and the journey she's been through and how she's making use of her large social following to continue to support and help others in the LGBT community. This book being an extention of that too.

I read this book over the space of three nights just before going to bed and each night my eyes were tear filled. Sometimes because I was just so proud, others because of bullying experiences and how that hit close to home, but also because of the experiences of others around the world who've written to Lucy. It really does make you reflect on things.

I've spoke about how relatable it was due to her anxiety, but now I guess is the harder paragraph to write. Its super relatable to anyone out there who's struggled with their sexuality and been confused why they weren't thinking how everyone else did. Ultimately you're not alone and if you're in a country where you're surrounded by homophobia I can only hope that it gets better for you. It took me years to accept that "oh I just have a really good taste in women" was more like I might actually be bisexual. It still seems weird to be writing this when I have no idea who will read or write it. I don't think my family visits here, and well if they do, just maybe don't pressure me into talking about these things with you, okay? Sweet.

Anyway enough of that. I really enjoyed reading this book and definitely recommend it to others. Hooray for Lucy getting her happy ending :)

4 stars / 5 stars

Co-star of the popular YouTube channel Kaelyn and Lucy which documented the long distance
relationship she had with Kaelyn Petras. She and Kaelyn finally came together in August 2014, ending the long distance element of their relationship.

She graduation from Plymouth College of Art and Design in 2014 with a degree in Film Arts.

She works as a freelance film editor and author. She and Kaelyn's channel mainly focuses on advice videos for LGBT youth.

She was born in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordhsire to parents Sharon and Rogether.


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  1. Me! I had bad anxiety for two weeks and it became a chicken and egg. I can't sleep because of it, and I have anxiety because I haven't been getting enough sleep. It's the worst and the hard part is when you don't understand where it's coming from.

  2. Good to hear that Lucy got her happy ending


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