Thursday, 29 September 2016

#SpooksandTea Read-a-thon

Its almost October and you know what that means, right?

Yeah its almost Halloween!

Are you excited? I am. Even though I don't ever do anything, its just nice seeing what everyone else does.

This year though I am kind of doing something. Over on Discord (you can read more about it here and even more in detail here) I'm hosting a month long horror themed read-a-thon.

The aim is simple; challenge yourself to read as many horror themed books as you can throughout Ocotober and then talk about them with everyone else!

We have a list of recommendations on our Goodreads group and Allie will be posting it live on the 1st on her blog too.

Anyway I'm just super excited about this and wanted to let everyone know so they could come and say hi and take part if they wanted. Or just stop by to talk about books and make friends if you dont want to read spooks :D