Policy and Rating

Review Policy
If you're an author or publisher and would like someone from Northern Plunder to review your book, please read the following before contacting one or more of us. Thank you.
If Northern Plunder has reviewed a book for you before, even when I'm not scheduling for reviews, I will try to accommodate your book into my schedule - though not always guaranteed.
All reviews written here are our honest thoughts, opinions and feelings about the book read - whether they're positive is not something we can guarantee because we are honest with what is written, but please remember these are opinions and not facts. 
After the reviews have been published here links back to said post will appear on Northern Plunder's Twitter and Facebook account too and eventually the reviews will also be copied onto Tumblr, and the relevant Goodreads and Amazon accounts.

Please keep in mind that Northern Plunder is a UK blog.
Whilst we aim to read and review all books accepted as quickly as possible, please keep in mind that this is not our job and our day-to-day lives will take priority.

As of June 2013 reviews will include:
Cover art
Title and author
Publisher and publish date
Page count
Series name and number
The review
Number rating
Link to Goodreads, Amazon UK and US 
Links to the authors online sites (Twitter, Facebook, Website)
Type of books accepted:
We accept both eBooks (.mobi) or physical print copies, from both published and self-published authors.
We  accept books that are in the following genres:
Comics/Graphic Novels/Manga
Science Fiction
Young Adult

We will also consider books of the following genre:
If you noticed that we have previously read and enjoyed a book outside of these genres and think we may be interested in your book then please do get in contact but keep in mind we have the right to refuse if it doesn't interest us.

We will not accept books that are in the following genres:
Religious Fiction
If your book crosses over into chick-lit or romance we will consider it as many book genres do overlap and most books have some form of romance tied in throughout. 

We will not accept a book that is part of a series if it isn't the first book primarily because we like to read series in order as it helps the books to make more sense and to read a book out of sequence would likely lower our opinion on it as we can not connect, understand or have knowledge of the characters past or previous plot lines. Though if you would like us to review a book that is part of a series we do ask that you include it's predecessors.
Contact Information
Lauren's email: northernplunder(at)gmail(dot)com
Rating System
Perfect and probably favourite book that we think you should go out and buy right now.

An excellent book that we definitely recommend.

Worth the read and enjoyable, perhaps you should borrow it from a friend first.

Bad but had certainly had its moments. 

Not my cup of tea at all.

Did not finish.
As the new FTC guidelines require me to say:
- I am in 
no way compensated for reviews of any kind from publishers or authors.
-I will state whether my book is from a third party and it will not reflect my review, in any way.
- Northern Plunder is part of the Amazon Associates programme, if you buy a book through the Amazon UK links on this website, I will receive a small commission which is really appreciated and I will use to fund a giveaway
- All of my reviews are honest opinions and are not influenced by any programme, publishers or authors.

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