Thursday, 3 November 2011

03112011: Little Gypsy

Title: Little Gypsy: A Life of Freedom, A Time of Secrets.
Author: Roxy Freeman
Page Count: 277
Summary: "Born in 1979, Roxy Freeman grew up travelling around Ireland and England in a horse-drawn wagon with her mother and father and five siblings. Life was harsh but it was a childhood of freedom spent in harmony with nature. Roxy didn't know her time-tables but she could milk a goat, ride a horse and cook dinner on an open fire before she was ten. But when the family came to England, they faced prejudice and hostility and Roxy started receiving the unwelcome attentions of a family friend known as 'Uncle Tony', which she endured in secret for years. Then, one day, she told the police about Tony and a manhunt ensued for the man newspapers dubbed 'Britain's most-wanted paedophile'. Despite all of her difficulties, Roxy developed a passion for music and her dancing skills took her around the world. This beautifully written story is a frank portrait of an extraordinary life, and a unique insight into the lives of girls born into traveller communities."
My Review: Honestly I'm not sure where to start. I had a lot of trouble with this book due to the fact I have no interest in the outdoors and for a lot of the time throughout the book couldn't really relate to anything, the only part I could relate to was how she felt when studying. With my lack of interest of things I must say that this book is interesting in itself, before hand I didn't know a lot of gypsies/travellers so it was good to know that I was actually learning something whilst reading. Much like the summary gives away, it isn't just about their lifestyle but to the horrors she had to face at such a young age, it certainly was eye opening. Even though I found this book an interesting and eye opening read it just wasn't my cup of tea and I couldn't wait to finish reading it so I could move on, this doesn't mean it's a bad book though. I'm sure many people will find it much better than I did, it's just very different to what I've read in the past and unfortunately, left me unsatisfied.
Recommend: Not unless you are already thinking of reading
Rating: 1/5

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