Saturday, 30 June 2012

Vlogging with Fanatical About Fiction (3)

This has been the first week of two in which we will be participating in the Why We Like Reading tag, enjoy! This week Theta of Resolution Corner has done a feature post about us, hooray and thank you very much. Keep spreading the word and love ;)


  1. You girls are too cute!

    Nia - 50 shades!?! In a way I'm happy you didn't like it coz you look so fresh faced to be reading some kinky fudgery LOL. Nice meeting you btw.

    Lauren - there's no such thing as too many books so you're ok. But smart getting it from NG, I hardly buy anymore myself, i read fast and too kuch buying will break my meager bank.

    Hi Celine! For some reason your video is not playing well in my tablet, just saw a snippet.

    1. Haha, thanks again :) The trouble is that I've read some fab books from NG and now I want to buy them in paperback, oops :P


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