Thursday, 28 June 2012

Review: FLCL Omnibus

FLCL Omnibus by  GAINAX and Hajime Ueda.
Publish: May 29th 2012
Pulbisher: Dark Horse Comics
Page Count: 392
The complete FLCL manga adaptation-now with bonus color illustrations and remastered story pages! In this surreal sci-fi romp, a sullen Japanese boy finds himself in the middle of an interstellar conspiracy. As his home life unravels, a sexy space assassin becomes his family maid, and his own head becomes a portal for armed robots. Life as he knows it is quickly falling apart, and Naota doesn't know who's friend or foe! One thing's for certain-he has to grow up quick and save his hometown, whether he wants to or not! With Dark Horse's FLCL Omnibus, fans will not only get every chapter in Hajime Ueda's acclaimed FLCL adaptation, but this collection will also include revised story pages and over a dozen color FLCL illustrations by Ueda. 
Review: I honestly have no idea what I just read. It's bizzare, confusing and all over the place. I don't know whether it has something to do with me being tired every time I tried reading it or if it was due to the fact I was reading it on my laptop. I just don't really think I took any of this manga in. There is a girl with a vespa, a boy who grows a robot out of a lump of his head (not the mention the semi-naked girl dressed as a bunny), another girl who has a jellyfish-looking-thing growing out of her head and cats that seem to be some form of higher beings or Gods. I just - what? I enjoyed what I understood but I just couldn't follow the storyline and was left so utterly confused that I almost
almost gave up. I think one day I'd like to try and reread this in a hard copy because I think that would really help for me to take in what the hell was going on and it'd be a lot easier to flick back and read or double check the previous pages. I'd try and write more but I don't really think I can do it justice from this readthrough.
Recommend? Yes simply so you can explain to me what I read.
Amazon: UK | US
GAINAX: GR | Website
Hajime Ueda: GR


  1. Love your honesty with that post lol.

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    1. Thank you! I have a post in my drafts from being given it before so I'll add you into it too :D

      Yeah there was no point me trying to fabricate a longer review because I was just so completely lost with it! haha.


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