Sunday, 1 July 2012

Bought, Borrowed & Bagged (9)

Bought, Borrowed and Bagged is a weekly event hosted by Talk Supe where you can share the books you have bought, borrowed or bagged (won) plus a recap of the previous week's reviews, upcoming reviews and on going events. (P.S. click the image to go to its Goodreads page)

Bought (paperback):
The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter

Borrowed (library):
Switched by Amanda Hocking & Birth of a Killer by Darren Shan

Bagged (Won eBook):
Shadow's Edge by J.T. Geissinger and The Grey Wolves Series by Quinn Loftis
Shadow's Edge (Night Prowler, #1)Prince of Wolves (The Grey Wolves, #1)Blood Rites (The Grey Wolves, #2)Just One Drop (The Grey Wolves, #3)Out Of The Dark  (The Grey Wolves, #4)

Bagged (NetGalley):

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Mass, Demon Eyes by Scott Tracey, Saving June by Hannah Harrington, Frome What I Remember... by Stacy Kramer and The Heart Broke In by James Meek

Bagged (Amazon Freebies):
Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble by H.P. Mallory and Beauty Never Dies by Cameron JaceFire Burn and Cauldron Bubble (Jolie Wilkins, #1)Beauty Never Dies (The Grimm Diaries Prequels, #3)

Bagged (RAK):
Burn Mark by Laura Powell (ARC Paperback thank you Kate Medd) and Coundown by Mira Grant (eBook thank you Shayna Gier)
Burn MarkCountdown

House of Night Legacy: P.C and Kristin Cast
(Net Galley)

The Avalon Chronicles Volume 1: Once in a Blue Moon
(Net Galley)

The Paladin Prophecy by Mark Frost
(Net Galley)

This week on Northern Plunder: 
This week Lauren read:
Bloodlines by Richelle Mead
This week Nia read:
Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch 
House of Night Legacy by P.C and Kristen Cast 
The Avalon Chronicles Volume 1
In other news:
I've been slacking a little this week due to getting addicted to Minecraft again, I blame finding a server that is really friendly and usable. I promise to be more active this week and hope you enjoy your books! - Lauren
I don't know if you've noticed from the books listed above but I've discovered Net Galley, so that means hopefully a lot more reviews which is cool. I also start my job next week so I should be buying more books too. - Nia


  1. Lauren - i am reading Switched now in between charging ng kindle. I havr Throne of Glass too and I am liking Beauty never sleeps. You had a lot of books this week!

    Nia - i hope the HON graphic novella is better than the series. It started really well but turned blah after book 5.

    1. p.s. I added your BB&B link to ours :)

    2. Yeah I have no idea how that happened! Ooopsy daisies, also thnak you so much :)

  2. Such a cool book Haul both of you!
    I am personally dying to read throne of glass!
    Here's my Showcase Sunday

  3. Ladies you have some amazing books this week! :) I can't wait for the reviews, some of them I'm in love with the covers! >.< Lol

    Neyra @DarkestAddictions

    1. Falling in love with covers is one of the best things, I love pretty covers.

  4. Mmmm, I know another one you bagged. ;)

    1. PS As if your tumblr weren't cool enough, I LOVE this banner. Love love love.

    2. Oh gorram it! I knew there was something I'd missed ;_; Its so hard to keep track of everything :D I'll put it in this weeks cause I haven't got anything else ;)
      & thank you about the banner.

  5. WOW Lauren… you got A LOT of books this week. I got Prince of Wolves last week but I read some not so favorable reviews this week so now I'm a little hesitant to read it. From What I Remember looks like it could be a lot of fun especially if this group is in Tijuana. Why anyone would go there boggles my mind but whatevs :D Great haul!


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