Tuesday, 10 July 2012

June: Wrap Up & RAK

Welcome to the monthly wrap up post! This may be slightly different to previous as it'll be the first one that Nia takes part in too so it may need fine tuning, who knows maybe in the future we'll end up posting one each, I guess it all boils down to how long this turns out to be. June was certainly a busy month for me, we got Fanatical About Fiction up and running AND I read a tonne of books, I did a lot of working scheduling posts that I actually burnt myself out by the last week, its why I was a little M.I.A, but here I am back in action. Also thanks to Kate and Shayna for gifting me books for my first month participating in RAK and I also give extra thanks to those who gifted/hosted the giveaways but to give more publicity to those I have yet gotten round to reviewing.

Outdo Yourself Challenge:
(links are to the reviews, most are scheduled for later dates)
1. Dragon Age: The Silent Grove
4. Free Four: Tobias Tells the Story
5. Orchid
7. Tallis
9. Pushing the Limits
10. Bloodlines
Total: 34 / 36

A-Z Book Challenge:
Total: 17/26

Millionaire Challenge:
26. House of Night #1 132 - 03.06
27. Divergent 487 - 06.06
29. Orchid Volume 1 112 - 12.06
30. Dark Kiss 348 - 14.06
31. Tallis 58 - 17.06
32. FLCL 392 - 19.06
33. Pushing the Limits 384 - 21.06
34. Bloodlines 421 - 27.06
Jan - June Subtotal: 9,500 

June Page Count Total: 2,256 pages + 57%
June Read Time Total: 30 hours 25 minutes

Shelf Stacking:(links to Goodreads)
Books Bought:

Books won:

eBooks bought:
eBooks won:


For Review:

Library Books:
Birth of a Killer

Book Soulmates  
During June I sent out two books! Saving June by Hannah Harrington to Kel @ Enchanted Books and Sweet Evil to Jess @ Jess Hearts Books.
Saving JuneSweet Evil (The Sweet Trilogy, #1)
I received Burn Mark by Laura Powell from Kate @ Kate's Book Life which I thank her dearly for, because its an ARC second hand and it's been looked after well! Shayna @ Shayna Gier sent me an eCopy of Coutdown by Mira Grant which wasn't released in the UK at the time so it was unavailable to me and still is for some reason but its okay because we're sorting this problem out so super duper thanks to her for being so kind to help with Amazon being a pain.
Burn MarkCountdown

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