Thursday, 12 July 2012

Q&A (Award Time)

Northern Plunder was very kindly given the Liebster Award five times last week, we're now taking this time to thank those four very lovely bloggers for remembering us but also to announce that we're now an award free zone. We appreciate getting these awards and will always read the posts through whilst giving thanks where its needed but we may not always find the time to squeeze a response post into our busy schedule to show the appreciation onto other blogs that deserve said awards. So we're responding to this award a little differently - instead of selecting our own 11 blogs that deserve it we are simply going to link up the four that gave it to us so you can go and see their amazing blogs as well as checking out who else they nominated! Another part of the Liebster Award is a little Q&A section which we also decided to take part in so that our readers can get to know us that little bit more. Sorry to play the game differently ;)
1. What got you started as a book blogger?
L: I'm a blog and book hoarder, dabbled in and out of various blogs and finally one stuck - Books and Tea - on tumblr which was getting a lot of attention, I realised I wanted to improve what I was posting there and moved here.
N: I've always loved books and once I started vlogging on Fanatical about Fiction, I immediately fell in love with reviewing and when Lauren invited me join in over here how could I say no. 
2. If you could pick an author to write the story of your life, who would you choose?
L: Stephen King. My life is drab and boring and pretty bog standard, hopefully he could fill it with suspense and awe.
N: J.K Rowling she could make even my life seem interesting.
3. Which book have you had really high hopes for, only to be disappointed?
L: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins, I know my review is full of happiness but the more I think back to it the more disappointed I am and the more I want to pretend it didn't exist.
N:Probably an Abundance of Katherine's by John Green, I love all the other John Green books but I was so disappointed with this.
4. If you could pick a literary location for a holiday destination, where would you go and why?
Hogwarts because why the hell not!

N: Hogwarts. Its really the only answer for me, I'm actually looking at a university that I think looks a lot like my imaginary Hogwarts.
5. If you could go out on a dinner date with a literary character, would would you go to dinner with and why?
Hermione because I'd love to delve around in her mind, also probably Adrian Ivashkov as he is really entertaining in general.
N:Probably Howl from Howl's Moving. Our discussions on magic and vanity would probably go on for ages. 
6. Do you listen to music whilst you read?
Not really. I guess I could but I just zone everything out so it'd be pointless.
N: Nope not unless people are being really annoying and noisy around me then I will purely to block out their voices. 
7. If you could meet one book blogger, who would you like to meet?
One? I guess I'd have to say Nia so we could have a proper in depth discussion about anything and everything and not have to worry about character limits (FU Twitter) or spamming GR inbox?

N: I think I'd have to say the same. It would just be so cool to meet in real life and be able to discuss.
8. Favourite film based on a book?
My Neighbour Totoro

N: Howl's Moving Castle or the recent Hunger Games adaptation was pretty fantastic.
9. If you could have a literary based profession, would you have one and what would it be?
Book hoarder ;)
N: I actually want to become a Medieval History Professor which means I'd get to spend my whole life reading. 
10. You're a bookseller and I'm the customer, which book would you persuade me to buy and why?
I'd convince you to choose yourself, delve and explore the bookshelves thoroughly and find that one book you've wanted to buy for years and years but it got forgotten and left behind.
N: If they hadn't read Harry Potter then I'd probably recommend that, but to be honest it all depends on you  so no one can really choose your books for you.
Aliaa @ Mademoiselle Le Sphinx
1- What's your most embarrassing moment?
L: I can't actually recall one?
N: About two years ago I walked into a lamp post in front of the boy I fancied. He was in hysterics and I died a little inside.
2- Have you ever done something you think you shouldn't have?
Heh, I stayed over at places when I said I was elsewhere

N:Hmm I got really drunk on a recent school skiing holiday :/
3- Which book heroine would you like to switch places with?
Miss Granger

N: Clary Fray 
4- What's your favorite midnight snack?
Bourisn Cheese on Ritz crackers

N: Cheese on Toast 
5- Girl's night out or girl's night in?
L: um, neither. I don't get along with girls in real life very much. Far too bitchy and back stabbing. There's only Anna :)
N: In. Some of the best days with my friends have been spent inside.
6- Which book can you never stop reading?
I reckon I'll reread The Stand every 3 years or so.

N: Looking for Alaska by John Green I've read this book sooo many times.
7- When did you start blogging?
L: I've been blogging for a while, here since October '11
N: Since June so not very long at all.
8- When did your addiction to books start?
A long long time ago. It gets worse as I get older.
N: Since I can remember I've always loved books  
9- Family or best friends?

N: Family.
10- If you could live anywhere in the worlds (existing and fictional) where would you live?
Either at Hogwarts or Japan.

N: New York, Hogwarts or Ingary.
11- Can you live without blogging?
Some days I feel I could, but I think I'd feel too disconnected with the world.

N: Not at the moment but sometimes life can get busy and you have to live without it.

Jessie @ Jessie's Book Place

1. What's your favorite number?
8, I love drawing it over and over without taking the pen off the page.

N: 22, I love double numbers.
2. What was the last movie you saw?
Wrath of the Titans

N: I watched Bridesmaids a couple of days ago. It was terrible.
3. What's your favorite Movie?
Matrix, Sin City, 300, Watchmen, Resident Evil, Underworld and those kind of movies.

N: Howl's Moving Castle, Resident Evil, X-Men First Class and all of the rest of them, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Knights tale, The Dark Knight and many many more
4. Cats or dogs?
N:Same as above
5. Do you remember the first book you read on your own? What was it?
Um no it was too long ago.

N: Me neither I wish I still did though.
6. Simba or Mufasa?

N: Mufasa, I always love the evil ones.
7. What was your favorite cartoon growing up?

N:Avatar: The Legend of Aang  
8. Favorite TV Show?
Firefly. Can't stop the signal.
N: Sherlock or Doctor Who.
9. Crossword/fill in puzzles or Word searches?
Word searches
N:Can I say neither both frustrate me greatly.
10. What mythical/paranormal creature do you think is underrated?
I think they're all rated fine really?
N:I can't think of any right now.
11. What do you think about McDonald's trying to be healthier for kids and cutting back on the fries and giving apples with the meal? (I honestly hate it. I want more fries!)
I love the fries, I mean seriously, we had a KFC once and just ignored the fries and popped next door to McDonalds to get the fries haha!
N: I love the fries in McDonald's, the only thing I would change is maybe a tiny bit less salt.

Sara @ Sara in Bookland
1. Sweet or savory?

N: Savoury
2. What's your book boyfriend?
Um, no one currently.

N: Uhh
3. Your favourite book ever (not of a series!) ?
Ever? The Stand :3

N: That's a seriously hard question probably The Fault in Our Stars if I can't have a book that's from a series  
4. Beach or mountain?
N: Mountain so long as I get to ski down it.
5. Who's your favourite author and why?
Stephen King, wow his work is just spectacular.
N: J.K Rowling, shes affected me since childhood so who else could I choose.
6. What you would like to say to him/her if you get the chance to meet her/him?
I think I'd be too shy and/or star struck to say anything.
N: I definitely choke. No words would come out and I'd run away with my arms flailing.
7. Why did you start blogging?
I needed an outlet for my creativity which turned to random posts and finally book blogging.
N: I love talking about books and this is a fantastic way to do it.
8. What's your favourite weekly meme?
Weekly round up posts! I love seeing all the new books!
N: Follow Friday. I love answering  the questions.
9. Skirts or pants?
Pyjamas :D
N: Same as above ;D
10. What are you currently reading?
Troll or Derby by Red Tash
N:  The Paladin Prophecy
11. Describe yourself in three words.
L: Creative, bookworm & sleepy.
N: Passionate, Nervous and Imaginative
Becca @ Becca's Book Bug
1. What is your star-sign?
N: Libra
2. Do you believe in the afterlife and spirits/ghosts etc? If so, do you have any experiences you would like to share?
I do indeed, though I have no experiences. It is just nice to think that we can be ghost later y'know? Rather than a dead end.
N: Unfortunately not I'm a sciencey kind of girl and I just can't believe in that sort of stuff. Although I strongly believe that everyone should form there own opinion on something this important.
3. Do you have any tattoo's? Would you say what of and where?
I don't I have a phobia of needles but I would like some.
N: Nope I do want one in the future but I want it to mean something before I get it done.
4. Can you drive? If so, what car do you have?
L: I can't.
N: Nope but once I pass my test I'm hoping to get a Nissan Micra.
5. What is your favourite month of the year?
September cause its my birthday month :D
N: October. One because its my birthday and Two because its the month of the supernatural.
6. Do you like burning scented candle? If so, what is your favourite scents?
I don't mind them but its not something I do.
N: If I do burn something like that its usually Vanilla scented. I don't like it to be to overpowering.
7. Are you right or left- handed?
I was left-handed but at Nursery they shouted at me and forced me to use my right hand because that was the "proper" way.
N: Right
8. Do you have any phobias? wish to share them if so?
L: Way too many to list to be honest.
N: Spiders, being alone in the dark and public speaking
9. What is your favourite alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks?
I don't drink alcohol and I love water and tea!
N: Tea and Vodka and Lemonade.
10. What was your favourite cartoon as a child?
Totally Spies!
N: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
11. If you were to change your name, what would you change it too?
I don't think I would change my name!
N: I wouldn't change it. Even though I can't go anywhere without everyone knowing I'm welsh.

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