Monday, 22 October 2012

Magnificently Magic Read-a-thon Sign Up

Magnificently magic readathon
Stopping by today to let you know of a Read-a-thon a lovely two months in advance so you can put this weekend aside and create a stack of books to zoom through.
Faye at A Daydreamers Thoughts is hosting "Magnificently Magic Read-A-Thon" as Christmas can be a very magical time of the year so this read-a-thon reflects all the wonder and magic that surrounds us whilst we're snuggled by the fire with marshmallowed hot chocolates and snow decorated window frames.
The aim of the read-a-thon is to read any magical book possible - either witches, fairies/fey, books that feel magical, books with a winder setting or even a Christmas themed book or two, basically your choice with how you'd like to approach this.
Faye has also hinted at the fact there may even be a few Christmas surprises throughout and is open to hearing if a different or extended time slot would be preferred, don't forget to stop by her post or contact her because help is always nice.


  1. Glad you're joining in too! I'm excited for this to start :)

    1. Same, I'll be in need of a push by then to get through some books :D

  2. I like reading challenges but I honk I'll fail with read-a-thons! Good luck Lauren!


  3. Glad to have you on board Lauren :)
    Looking forward to this!


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