Sunday, 13 April 2014

Bought, Borrowed & Bagged (64)

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New Books
Whilst I made myself go on yet another book buying ban (I fail pretty badly at these, it's pretty much been going on for two years now but the book pile is still getting larger) I thought maybe it'd be easier if I gave myself a one book per month allowance and it's kind of helping. 
Assured Destruction (Assured Destruction #1)Script Kiddie (Assured Destruction #2)With Zombies (Assured Destruction #3)
The Assured Destruction series by Michael F. Stewart I've received as part of a book tour review, I've yet to start them as they're fairly short books but these are next on my to read list. Bird After Bird by Leslea Tash is another book I received for review which I really enjoyed, and some of you may remember how much I loved Shattered Veil by Tracy E. Banghart, well this was the book I purchased this month, signed too and Tracy was kind enough to send bookmarks and a badge my way too!
Bird After BirdShattered Veil (The Diatous Wars #1)

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All He Saw was the Girl by Peter Leonard - DNF
Bird After Bird by Leslea Tash

Currently Reading:
Memory's Wake by Selena Fenech
Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor
News from Lauren
I'm off University for Easter at the moment but as I don't have long left upon returning I've got a lot of work to do for the end of year deadlines, I'm pretty excited about some of the work I've been doing and even started up my own tumblog to keep track of the work I do over the next few years, at the moment I've been sharing finished and works in progress.
Also next weekend I'm heading to iseries which will be a blast, though no time for reading! A long weekend of gaming sounds like a good way to take a break from my university work though.

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  1. Followed on the new tumblr! :) I love it ! :) Also The Assured Destruction covers are stunning. I love them :)

    Also, good luck with the home stretch of uni! :) Not too long to go!

    Iseries sounds amazing :3 keep us updated? :) xx

    Have a great week hun! :)

    My Showcase Sunday :)

    1. Eeek thank you, I'm worried I'll forget about it and not use it but I'm having some pretty positive feedback so far.
      Me too its what drew me in, heh thank you :)

      I will indeed.
      Thank you for stopping by xx

  2. Nice haul! The Stewart books look really interesting.
    And I really like your illustrations, good work :D

    Happy reading!

    My INT giveaway
    My UK giveaway

    1. Eeeek thank you so much, you have no idea how much this means to me.
      I hope you have a great week.

  3. Thanks for visiting my haul post.

    Assured Destruction sounds like a good read and I've managed to pick it up for free on the Kindle after seeing it on this post, so thank you again.

    Shattered Veil also sounds interesting, but as I'm looking to keep some money aside at present I've put it aside on to my Wish List.

    1. No problem, glad you managed to snag a copy, had no idea it was a freebie c:

      Its my favourite book at the moment, I really connected with it.

  4. Those MF Stewart books looks curious. Can't wait for your reviews, I hope it's all good!

    1. Yes not a bad series at all, a definite easy read (lower end of YA) but worth my time and gripping story lines.


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