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Review: With Zombies by Michael F. Stewart

Assured Destruction: With Zombies by Michael F. Stewart

Published: 31st March 2014 
Genre: Young Adult / MysterySeries: Assured Destruction #3
Page Count: ?
Format: eBook
Source: Michael F Stewart via Xpresso Book Tours

Synopsis: The final book in the Assured Destruction series!

Jan Rose may already be expunged from the police department's High Tech Crime Unit. Her mother's hospitalized, and Assured Destruction's on the cusp of bankruptcy. But Jan doesn't wait on anything, she seeks out the customers who used to keep the family business afloat. That's when everything starts to go wrong.

A computer virus--aka the Zombie Worm--threatens not only her school and Shadownet, but the entire city. A skull with a chain running through its socket links a powerful gang to her former customers, and holds the secrets to why her father left and the identity of her mother's boyfriend.

To save her family and the business, Jan must determine who is friend and who is foe. And decide what type of hacker she wishes to become: Gray, white, or black. Not only her life hangs in the balance.
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Review of books one and two can be found here.

4 / 5 stars

So here we go, third and final book of the Assured Destruction series. Did you see that? I started and finished a series in the same year, now to tackle all the others on my list ha.

With Zombies is a strong finale to the series, which only backs up the points I've made about the other books. 

It continued to wrap up loose ends, develop characters that would have otherwise been in the shadows and provided a well told story even with Jan's unbalanced emotions.

And whilst I really enjoyed this series I do also believe it could have worked as one larger standalone. But having it as three doesn't diminish my love for it.

A lot happens within this last book and of course anything I talk about here on forth will be a spoiler for its predecessors.

With Zombies doesn't waste a moment and dives in where it left off, Jan back home, fuzzy on medicine, Mum in hospital and waiting on Jonny.

Something that I really liked about this was that things didn't just magically start getting better or easier for Janus, they got more difficult in fact and she ended up suffering rather badly for it - nothing that a few weeks in hospital couldn't solve. 

But it was there. It was real. Showing how a real person in every day life would have reacted too all the pressure Jan had been under lately.

I really liked it. Something so simple but just so right.

Whilst dealing with her own and her mum's not-so-good health, she also has to become a seller for a cure for a current zombie virus, findi out the truth about her Dad leaving, find out the secrets her Mum's current interest may have, possibly infiltrate a hacker gang and well you know, on top of all this, attend school accordingly.

Oh and find out what to do now she lost her home.

So as I said a lot happens but the best thing is, everything is tied up. 

There are sad moments and happy moments and over all a very pleasing end to the trilogy.

In my opinion, this series is definitely worth reading, especially seeing as though they're fairly short and are easy to dive in and out whilst schooling is coming to an end.

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  1. I'm about to read my first Zombie book soon! So excited! Will bookmark this in case I get the hang of it :D


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