Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Review: Dismissed by Kirsty McManus

by Kirsty McManus

Series: Standalone
Genre: Young Adult / Romance
Length: 166 pages
Published on 28th April 2015
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Received from author via Xpresso Book Tours

The second Lizzie White lays eyes on her new English teacher Brandon Thomas, she is hooked. Brandon is young, cool and sexy - and nothing like the other teachers at her school. But of course he is forbidden from fraternising with the students or forming any sort out of outside hours relationship. And combined with the fact that Lizzie's best friend Taylor declared her feelings for Brandon first (and has therefore claimed theoretical ownership), Lizzie decides it's all too hard and focuses on a budding relationship with fellow student and class clown Gabe instead. But then Jason shows up. Jason is Brandon's trouble-making twin brother who seems to have no qualms about flirting with students or leaving a trail of broken hearts wherever he goes. Before she knows it, Lizzie is dragged into a confusing world of blurred lines and lustful thoughts, where loyalties are tested and true feelings are explored.
Meet Lizzie our brunnette protagonist and her beautiful blonde-haired best friend as they both pine over a new dreamy teacher.

Who will win in this fight between best friends?

I don't know because I didn't finish the book...

The moment the book did this typical pitting girls against girls when they're best friends but acting as if they don't even get along from the get-go it just hit snooze for me.

I decided to try and keep at it, well for 13% of the book at least but I just couldn't do it. I was just so annoyed and irritated with every character we met, with how they were acting with each other, and I've just had enough. 

The only interesting things that really stood out to me was that Lizzie could beatbox and it wasn't set in the US. 

I feel super bad about not being able to connect with this book as I recieved it for review but I guess its just not for me. I guess I'm just too old for any more highschool drama, I've had my share.

Whilst I didn't finish the book I'm still giving it 2 stars as I didn't hate it and it wasn't badly written.
2 stars / 5 stars


  1. I'm over mean girls, that trope has been done to death and not really a good topic for YA as we're trying to eradicate bullying.

  2. Hmm, I am not much into mean girls but good to hear there was good writing at least

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