Saturday, 17 October 2015

Read, Play, Blog: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Team

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Surprise zombie apocalpyse! Which three game characters are on your survival team?

If zombies are a thing, so are powers.

There were so many people I could pick but ulitmately I wanted a Femme Fatale team from games I've played recently, and with powers that would be useful. 

First up with have Maya from Borderlands 2, good with a gun but also her siren abilities would help tackle larger crowds - the orb in her hand deals damage and can bounce from enemy to enemy and slow them down or it can hold an enemy in the air whilst headshots happen.

Next we have Sparks from Dirty Bomb, also good with guns. On top of this she carries health kits with her and has her own gun that damages enemies but also heal allies - not helpful for a zombie bite I'm guessing but if we have any other injuries that may slow us down Sparks could pick us back up.

Lastly Bloody Mary from The Wolf Among Us, good with guns, axes and sharp objects... uh spoilers ahead, her final form has sharp mirror pieces sticking out of her that would be deadly to any zombies trying to pin her down and she can teleport quickly from reflective surface meaning she has a good chance of escaping tricky situations and coming to help the rest of us, or quickly picking off zombies we don't have a good shot at. Oh and she can summon multiple versions of herself to achieve this - if any of the replicas take damage they just shatter causing no zombie damage to her real form!

My boyfriend said I was limiting myself, not thinking big enough so I asked him to pick his team. He got really into it and well, swearing ahead.

He picked Tyrael from Diablo 3 because "he's literally an angel", Sinh the Slumbering Dragon from Dark Souls 2 because "why the f*ck not" and lastly ... "well I think I'm f*cking sorted with these two but uh I'm going to go with Deathwing from World of Warcraft as long as we're going under the assumption he'd be a bro. I wouldn't have to do anything, I'm safe. Two dragons and an angel, EZ! Hahah"

I made him get rid of the Greek God of War because he hasn't played God of War and he almost picked Mathiel from Diablo 3 but he thought he'd be too much of a d*ck.

I think I'll ask his opinion every month.

My pick for this month is Broken Age. I've only played through Act 1 but its so good, you play as both the characters seen below and explore their worlds to unwrap the story. The voice acting cast is incredible too - Wil Wheaton, Jack Black and others.

The boyfriends pick is "Counter-Strike: Go Get Shit On".

I'm not even going to expand on that for him...

If anyone would like to add me on Steam, please feel free!


  1. Awesome teams! I asked my best friend and boyfriend who they'd pick some answers were great like Nathan Drake...and then others were what I called cheating like "the hand from Black & White".

  2. I don't play so I have no "team" except for the peeps in The Walking Dead :D

  3. Man I kickstarted Broken Age and I never picked it up, just another one of those things on my list! I LOVED your boyfriends opinion LOL! Definitely ask him every month XD Tyreal is definitely a great pick hahaha. I love Bloody Mary, man she would be totally kick ass especially with being everywhere at once! Another great installment of Read Play Blog, thanks for participating Lauren! <3


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