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Review: Right Click by Lisa Becker

Right Click
by Lisa Becker

Series: Click #3
Genre: Romance / Contemporary
Length: 381 pages
Published on 14th May 2014 by Create Space
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Love. Marriage. Infidelity. Crises of identity. Death. Cupcakes. The themes in Right Click, the third and final installment in the Click series, couldn't be more pressing for this group of friends as they navigate through their 30's. Another six months have passed since we last eavesdropped on the hilarious, poignant and oftentimes inappropriate email adventures of Renee and friends. As the story continues to unfold, relationships are tested and some need to be set "right" before everyone can find their "happily ever after."

I finished this book in October 2015, its currently May 2016 and whilst part of me is regretting not even making a note review sooner, I'm also thankful that I put in so many hours finishing my studies.

So here I am months after and still a little sleepy from deadline week, but a reviewer has got to do what a review has got to do. And thats at least try and convey how much I enjoyed the last book in this series. 

In case you haven't read my reviews of the previous books then heres a few things you might need to know:
1. I picked this up the night after finishing Double Click
2. The whole book is email exchanges between a group of friends

What continued to impress me throughout this series was how different the personalities were of each character and how their voices came through so easily in just emails. This format allows for you to gain just the important pats of the characters lives, because if it wasnt worth sharing with a friend, it wasn't worth sharing with the audience. 

I really loved it, its quick and humorous pace allowed for super enjoyable reading even whilst studying like a mad woman. It was such an enjoyable experience and I'm honestly a little sad to see this series come to an end. 

Should Lisa decide to revist these people, maybe even years down the line, I'd still pick it up and whilst romance books are not something I jump too, I would highly consider reading more of Lisa's work in the future. 

I think I'll miss Shelley the most, everyone needs that one dirty-minded friend.
Thank you for the puns and giving me something worth reading and enjoyable at a very busy time in my life.

4 stars / 5 stars
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  1. Woot on working on your studies. This sounds quite good, and I love when each character has a unique voice and depth.


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