Sunday, 11 November 2012

Bought, Borrowed & Bagged (28)

Bought, Borrowed and Bagged is a weekly event hosted by Talk Supe where you can share the books you have bought, borrowed or bagged (won) plus a recap of the previous week's reviews, upcoming reviews and on going events. 
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Bagged (Amazon Freebies):
Hollowland by Amanda Hocking

Hollowland (The Hollows, #1)

Island of Fog by Keith Robinson
Pretty sure I'm too old for this one but :3
Island of Fog (Island of Fog, #1)

Promise by Kristie Cook
Promise (Soul Savers, #1)

Into the Night by Jade Fowler
Not an Amazon freebie but can be grabbed by checking out this post on Goodreads
Into the Night (Into the Night #1)
This week on Northern Plunder:

In Other News:
With this being a book blog I never mentioned that I went to see Skyfall with my Dad, however it is needed to be brought up now. Before the movie started there were a bunch of trailers as usual and one was for Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 2, this is the first trailer I'd seen and honestly I didn't think it looked too bad compared to the others, I guess my Dad agreed cause he turned to me and said "Wow this looks like a proper Vampire movie for a change, guess we better watch part 1 soon", it kind of made my night. We watched part 1 the next day, needless to say I felt like tearing my hair out with just how stupid it was and my Dad wasn't too impressed either.


  1. I've had Hollowland for a while now. I remember starting it and never finishing it. I did enjoy what I read though! I may have to go back and read it again. :) I hope you enjoy your books!

    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

    1. Oh awesome, I like hearing positive things about books I've just stumbled across.

  2. LOL @ BD1 is Robert Pattinson as big over there as he is here? Not a big fan of the books & movies, I feel bad for your dad.

    1. He's somewhat big, but I think it's died down a lot over here, however whilst I don't like the movies, I enjoyed the books when I read them and I think Robert Pattinson is far too hilarious in most of his interviews.

  3. Hollowland was a fun read - there's a LION that kills zombies in it which was awesome, and one of my favourite things about it.


  4. Nice haul! I've had Hollowland and Promise for ages and still haven't gotten to them. Enjoy!

  5. I enjoy Amanda Hocking's writing, Hollowland was great and I have Hollowmen or is it man? anyhoo, I need to read it. Nice haul of reads, enjoy!



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