Monday, 10 December 2012

Guest Post: Faye @ A Day Dreamer's Thoughts

Hey guys, I have a wonderful guest post from Faye today! In case you haven't heard she has a chance to win a paid blogging job for MIRA-ink and she's one of ten final contestants so please make sure you spread her video far and wide after reading this post - p.s all details about this is are the bottom so you wont forget ;)

I would like to start this post by thanking Lauren for being kind enough to host me today. I have long admired her blog so it’s lovely to be able to be here and write a post for her gorgeous followers! Today I have decided to talk about my top five fictional crushes. On Thursday last week I wrote about my top ten couples but this list will be different. These are boys that I would love to meet in real life because they make my heart racing, not just because the couples are perfect.
The first guy on the list is one who I met in January, he is strong, has a tonne of complicated depth and is always putting others before himself. He carries a lot in his head and in his heart and if I ever found a guy that was like this in real life, I’d struggle not to fall in love with them. I, of course, am talking about the absolutely stunning Four from Divergent. If you haven’t read this book yet, then I recommend you do!
The second guy who has stolen away my heart is a guy who carries a lot of burden’s on his shoulders. He has gone through a lot, has a lot to keep hidden and sometimes he just simply loses control. But he’s strong, full of rich and raw emotion and it would be impossible not to fall in love with him if you were to meet him in real life. This charming fellow is none other than Gabriel from Spark. If you haven’t started the Elemental series yet, I suggest you get to it because all the boys are able to get your heart’s pumping!
The third guy who gets my heart beating faster in my chest is a guy who loves music. He is friendly, but stand-off-ish. He is caring, gentle, outcast and simply fun to be around – all at the same damn time. I fell in love with his amazing speeches, his kindness, and the way that through it all, he tries not to show how much he really cares. But it’s hard not to carry your heart on your sleeve sometimes. I am talking about the lovely Jake from Saving June. This is a book you really must get your hands on if you haven’t read it!
The fourth guy that gets a lovely mention on this post because he makes my heart beat in irregular ways is a guy who has a dark past. He has a bad childhood that has changed who he is but he is still caring, loving, attentive, and strong. He puts others ahead of himself and is extremely loyal and protective. He’s the kind of guy that if you were to meet, you’d have a struggle trying to stop yourself from falling for extremely quickly. This gentlemen goes by the gorgeous name of Duncan from Welcome Caller, This is Chloe. An amazing contemporary YA that you really should get your hands on!
The final guy on this list really pushed his way onto it with force. There were a few other contenders who wanted to be here instead but this guy won out. He is stubborn, powerful, strong, but he is also really charming and kind when you finally get past his hard-core exterior. He is caring and protective, loyal and fierce, and if I ever meet anyone like him, I would be happy for life. He is everything you could ever want and need in a guy. This amazing character is none other than Kerrick from Touch of Power. Have you missed out on this book? Then change that right now because this guy will make your heart thump in the most amazing way!

So there we have it! Five amazing, inspiring, heart-pounding guys who make the ones I know look ... well... undesirable in comparison. But then, I also don’t know that many guys and I have this feeling that the perfect guy for me isn't waiting for me in the middle of a page – but for now, I will simply continue to dream that this fictional fellows will manage to escape their printed boundaries and meet me. I mean *cough*... what?
Who are your favourite fictional crushes? Any guys I haven’t mentioned? And what about girls? Are there any girls that get your heart pumping too? Tell me all!

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