Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Are you on tumblr?

I’m asking this because the following post is for tumblr book blogs only, in hope to bring such a wide spread community together but I figured there are still a few of you that are hiding out on tumblr that I’m not aware of and this may interest you. I’m simply going to copy and paste the post that Rae has written for myself and her, I hope you will stop by! The original post can be found here.

Both myself and Lauren (of Books and Tea) are working to create the first ever Tumblr Book Awards this summer. We’re starting this project in the hopes of creating a hunger games like scenario for our favourite books to see which fans fight the strongest fight but also to create new connections between the community of book bloggers on Tumblr.
To do this we’re planning, as a group, deciding on categories of questions, and asking our followers to vote on which are the strongest books in each category then putting these books in a head to head battle. We will be hosting this competition on different blogs so that we can direct our combined audiences to blogs they wouldn’t normally visit and help each other by reblogging and posting links to where ever each stage of the awards are being held. Eventually we will end up with a winner of each category and we will then make a rebloggable list of our winners so that we have a tumblr decided reading list which we can all post and share.
This plan can only work if we have enough people to collaborate with, and this is why we need you it doesn’t matter how old your blog is, or how many followers you have if you love books, you can help us. To get involved you will need to join our skype meetings so you will need to send us your skype ID HERE, and we will then add you to our group and communicate to you the time of our first meeting

Thanks Guys

(I will be happy to answer any questions via my ask if you have any)

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