Saturday, 1 June 2013

April & May Wrap Up

April & May Wrap Up:
Well obviously being on hiatus and banning myself from read (and gaming) for 17 days has had a bit of a knock on effect of my reading habits, but needless to say with college almost over I'm getting back in the swing, I'm currently reading Rowan, A Clash of Kings and also rereading Mockingjay to a friend.

Total: 11 / 10

Total: 3 / 6

Total: 16 / 16

TBR Reading Challenge

Total: 8 / 20

(Ongoing) Millionaire Challenge:
19,459 pages down!

A-Z Book Challenge:
D - Dahlia 25.03
E - Extras 08.01
G - Geek Girl 07.03
H - Hot Ticket 05.04
I - Imaginable 05.05
U - The Unwords 03.01
W - Warm Bodies 12.01
Total: 11 / 26

Shelf Staking
I'm behaving, all these are freebies and one for review!

Crossroads (Crossroads Academy, #1)Before The Moon Rises (Ritter Werewolves, #1)To Kill A Warlock (Dulcie O'Neil, #1)EternityThe Iron Butterfly (Iron Butterfly, #1)Chosen (Guardians of the Word, #1)Dealing With It (Two Short Stories)Rowan (Blood Crave, #2)

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