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Reviews: The Grimm Diaries Prequels #4 - #6 by Cameron Jace

Ladle Rat Rotten Hut (The Grimm Diaries Prequels, #4)Mary Mary Quite Contrary (The Grimm Diaries Prequels, #5)Blood Apples (The Grimm Diaries Prequels, #6)
The Grimm Diaries Prequels by Cameron Jace
Published: 2012 - 2013
Publisher: Cameron Jace
At this current moment in time 10 of The Grimm Diaries Prequels have been published, the last four do not yet have covers so I will hold off posting reviews until they do because it does help make the post a lot prettier and I'll be posting them three at time as they are only short stories so I can't imagine that I'm going to have a lot to type up.
I can not promise that these reviews will be spoiler free, especially as they're short stories!
Reviews for books 1 - 3 can be found here.

Page Count: 97
Read Date: January 26th 2013
Synopsis: Little Red Riding Hood's untold and true story. Why she was wearing a Red hood. Who her Grandma really was. What the wolf actually wanted. Where she fits in the Dreamworld. And what Ladle Rat Rotten Hut means.
Review: Meep, I adored this book so much. It definitely felt like one of the longer ones but it portrays Little Red Riding Hood as Death! Well, its actually her Mum to start with but once she reaches a certain age, Little Red takes over and this story follows her as she learns about what her Mum has been doing each night whilst she's been scared of Wolves and it also gets tied into Hansel and Gretal too. Ah I loved it, the development and interwining of each of the fairty tales is fun.
4 / 5 stars

Page Count: 31
Read Date: January 28th 2013
Synopsis: The Devil's take on fairy tales, exposing the origins of some of the most important, yet never explained, elements in the fairy world. Darker things the Brothers Grimm didn't want you to know about. More hints would just spoil the fun. Let's just say that at some point in the Dreamworld even the devil was about so sell his soul.
Review: This shorty story if from the point of view of the Devil's who is very bored with hell and ends up getting his hands on a mirror that can bring out the evil in people, so of course he starts to have some fun with it by pointing it up to Heaven which cause its to break into a million shards as it falls to Earth and enters the hearts and eyes of many, turning them evil. For the majority of this story we follow Elizabeth who has a shard in her eye, over time she becomes more evil and bloodthirsty until she is engulfed in this madness and only finds happiness in killing beautiful young maidens! Pretty disturbing huh? Well it gets worse, she ends up killing one who is her own blood, Mary. Mary is immortal and returns raining hell on not only her Mother but many people and uses mirrors to travel around inflicting pain and sorrow. Obviously the Devil enjoys this but as she gets very unruling and uncontrollable he stops her by trapping her in a mirror - the mirror. So do you see how it all ties up - Mary Mary Quite Contraty nursery rhyme > Bloody Mary ghost story > Mirror Mirror on the wall. I loved it! So cleverly done.
4 / 5 stars

Blood Apples
Page Count: 30
Read Date: January 29th 2013
Synopsis: In this short diary, Prince Charming tells how Snow White was really killed -- or was she? -- and how he came to meet Rapunzel's and Jack the Beanstalk. Is it true that he really knows who wrote the original fairy tales and handed them over to the Brothers Grimm? And more importantly, Prince Charming explains why apples are red.
Review: Blood Apples is from Prince Charming's point of view and with the help of Jack and his mermaid girlfriend Marmalade they rescue Snow White from a tower (Rapunzel's tower that is), unfortunately things go a miss and the groups get split up. The girls one way and the boys another and when Prince Charming finally meet sup with his Snow White, she is already dead from poison, he kisses her and poisons himself. You see where I'm going with this? Its pretty much Romeo & Juliette only this Juliette (Snow White) is immortal and Romeo ends up alive too. Its a pretty good story but not one of my favourites, as you can probably tell. There are some nice quotes above love though, and the meaning of adage. 
3 / 5 stars

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