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Favourite Books of 2013

I may have posted my wrap up yesterday but I wanted to specifically point out some of my favourite reads of the year, or that made a significant impact on me. I'm doing it alphabetically by author because I can't pick an order for my actual favourites. I had a lot of trouble actually picking out my favourites, a few were short stories but I chose to leave those out and focus entirely on complete novels.

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
by Douglas Adams

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (Hitchhiker's Guide, #2)In 2012 I reread the first of the series so I could make a start on this book and oh boy, I wasn't disappointed.

Personally I enjoyed this book even more than the first and felt it was a lot better, but I also have a sneaky feeling that has something to do with the movie of the first book being so spot on that nothing new really happened, so I wasn't as curious or drawn in.

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe however, wasn't predictable and the question to everything is revealed!

The in depth description and hilarity doesn't stop either.

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By Blood Series
by Tracy E. Banghart

By Blood (By Blood, #1)Moon Child (By Blood, #2)
These two books I got as part of their book tour but oh my gosh, they were great.

What I loved is they're both supernatural based books in a sense, but what they both boil down to is reality.

They're not far-fetched at all, I fell hook, line and sinker like the character - Emma Wong.

The first is set in London too, which is great because I very rarely get to read books set in the UK, and speaking to Tracy E. Banghart whilst I was reading them was great fun too.

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Blood Crave Series
by Christina Channelle

Another two books for a book tour, the second was my favourite here but it felt wrong to leave out the first!

Also supernatural books, about angels, witches and a few vampires.

Plus an evil plan that is thousands of years in the making and a dire need to be stopped.

Only one book left to be released and I am so freaking excited to see how it all pans out.

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by Courtney Cole

Princess (American Princess, #1)

Oh my gosh, this book more people need to read as soon as possible.

There is no way to describe it other than a roller-coaster ride.

It was constantly surprising me and I read it in one sitting because I simply couldn't put it down.
I originally didn't expect much from the book because the synopsis only somewhat grabbed my attention but I'm glad I trusted my insticts to read a genre new to me, and it really did please!

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Gone Girl
by Gillian Flynn

Gone GirlEveryone has been talking about this book and I've seen it all over the place advertised but to me, it just didn't seem like a book worth reading.

The only reason I picked it up was because in the airport it was half price and I was worried I didn't have enough books with me. (turns out I had more than enough, oops).

Anyhow I ended up agreeing to read it along with Kimba the Caffienated Reviewer which really helped because I think I'd have given up or been too impatient for it.

However, the book was great, gripping and definitely a thriller.

I didn't expect most of what happened which was amazing because I have a lot of trouble with guessing what happens before it does!

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Warm Bodies
by Isaac Marion

Warm Bodies (Warm Bodies, #1)
I think most book worms have seen and read Warm Bodies by now, but for those of you who have yet to get to it. I highly recommend it.

This is the only other book I read in one sitting this year, it was such an easy and fun read which sounds odd considering its about Zombies but it is!

There isn't a single aspect of it that I hated.

Apart from the fact there isn't any more.


I am so stoked for the sequel.

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A Clash of Kings
by George R. R. Martin

A Clash of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire, #2) Oh. My. Gosh! *squeals*

These books just keep getting better and better.

I'm pretty far behind as you can see but I was very wary about starting this series in 2012 as I've never read epic fantasy before.

I love the way George R. R. Martin writes and I love how all the characters stories have started to intertwine with one and other, watching this series pan out is great.

(I'm holding off starting the third because I'm not ready to face RW yet.)

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by J. Meyers

AnywhereFirst of all I want to point out that I really, really wanted to include Imaginable too but I just can't explain how much I loved this book without illustrating I chose it over a YA Paranormal.

Anywhere is a NA Contemporary Romance, the first of its kind I read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Completely.

I just. Ah, it leaves me speechless and dying to go back to Rome.

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Please can my Christmas money clear soon because I really need to buy a copy. Soon.

Being Jamie Baker and More Than Jamie Baker
by Kelly Oram

Being Jamie Baker (Jamie Baker, #1)More Than Jamie Baker (Jamie Baker, #2)
Ever needed to find that perfect book that has a mix of supernatural and real life? This is it.

I loved how realistic this series has been, even though its about super powers! She still does homework guys!

The little things do matter.

The character development and progress of all the characters is great, not just the title character either, all the characters have rounded development which is really nice for a change.

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No One's Angel
by Kelly Walker

No One's AngelAs mentioned, NA Contemporary Romance isn't really my thing but seeing as though Anywhere worked out super well for me and this one included a mention to the world of gaming, I simply couldn't pass up this book.

Again, I loved it, or else it wouldn't be here.

There was just something about this book that touched me, plus how Angel manages to confront her near-past and face fears is great, hooray for strong female characters. Mostly.

Well, to be honest I think she was strong throughout to deal with what she had too!

Oh and if the idea of gaming is off putting, there isn't much about that, just some mentions about their past and how they met which I found really relate-able heh.

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And that is all of them, as always links to Amazon UK and The Book Depository are affiliated, I hope you see some that you fancy checking out in the future and if you've read all the ones that catch your eye please tell me what you thought of them!


  1. Warm Bodies is so good! As for A Game of Thrones, I need to start the series, they are so biig! :')

    Happy new year my dear! Hope you have a good one :) xsxxx

    My most recent post :)

    1. I love love love Warm Bodies so much!!!! & you really do because they're such great reads. xxx

  2. I've only read the one of these- Warm Bodies, which I loved. Other than A Clash of Kings, I haven't heard of any of the others but a few of them sound like my kind of thing.

    Hope you read some good books in 2014 too!

    Ely @ A Book So Fathomless

  3. I definitely thought that The Restaurant at the End of the Universe was better than HHG2G as well, and I hadn't seen the film yet when I read it. It's just even more absurd and therefore even more hilarious :)


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