Friday, 14 March 2014

Attempting University (2)

It's been over five months since I checked in with how University has been going for me. and that is because it's been going well.

I have now finished my first two modules and over Christmas I really wanted to update you on how those had been for me, but I was still waiting for my grades back and didn't want to say how whilst I'd found it challenging at times, I felt I'd done well and then get a rubbish grade as I'd be pretty pooped out to then  have to announce I didn't do well.

However, that is not the case!

I think its safe to say I did pretty damn great on both modules.

Living alone, well with four other students, is odd at times. I can have a week pass smoothly and its great, but then others I just can't wait to move out. at this moment you wouldn't even want to cook in the kitchen if you could see what it looked like.

I've already sorted out accommodation for next year and it'll be with a friend who I'll have known for almost five years by the time we move in, and one of her current flat mates too.

I think I'll enjoy living there a lot more, knowing I'll be comfortable around them.

As I promised last time, I'll share some of my work.

The first module title was Creative Narrative, we had to explore the city visually and eventually create a final outcome that related to both the city and a certain aspect of it, mine being nature.

One of the initial drawing exercises given was to draw ten aesthetically pleasing buildings, signs, statues or details of building. From the ten I drew my favourite are these Winged Lion statues, it was only a quick scribbley drawing but I was still really pleased with the outcome.

These next three are all from the same drawing exercise which I thought I'd hate but turned out to be pretty fun, first we had to spend an hour people watching and drawing them on squared paper, followed by using only 10 and then 5 lines to draw others, and lastly we had to enlarge a few and work into them.

These next five images are just my own exploration of the city with different materials and techniques, I've tried to share some of them that I had most fun with or found most visually pleasing.

Another given exercise, the opposite to drawing building we found aesthetically pleasing. Here we had to look at creating type we found ugly, though honestly, by the end of it I ended up enjoying most of the outcomes because I had a lot of fun getting messy and exploring with inks.

Okay, I'll stop here as I'm worried about over loading those of you with bad interwebs because these are fairly high quality images. I know I shouldn't have saved them so large but ah too pretty and I don't know what else I may use them for yet.

Anyway, I hope you liked seeing my work that you requested and there will be more next time I write a post like this.

The wait wont be as long next time!


  1. I'm not much of an art connoisseur but I love your drawings especially the couple with the pink background!

    OMG that sounds horrible! I don't want to think of your kitchen right now, and I agree that you're better off living with someone you know that way it'll be easier for you to manage your "household" and at least keep things livable at least. Hang in there, Lauren, and I'm sure you've aced your modules

    1. Eeeek, thank you so much! I just kind of wanted to portray the happiness I felt from them even though I only saw them briefly.

      It really is horrible, its a shame because they're not horrible people. They just can't live decently. Thank you :)

  2. I am so happy for you that you got good grades! :) You seemed really worried in your first post so I am glad it worked out.

    You are so good at drawing by the way! :) I love the lion!

    I know this an old post but I am playing catch up! Bloglovin' is my friend today.

    Ps I have just jumped ship and moved to wordpress. My New Wordpress blog so far I would definitely recommend! :)

    Have a good week chick! :) x

    1. Thank you! I was, I think its something that will happen each time round honestly.

      Eeeek, thank you, I'm really proud of him too.

      It's fine, I do the same!

      Thank you for linking me, I'll get following on BL now :) x

  3. Love your artwork! Your classes sound really interesting. Glad they went well!

    1. Omgosh! Thank you so much, it is so much fun when they're organised enough. thank you


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