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Read Play Blog: I relate to who?

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Whcih game character(s) do you relate to the most?
Holy hell this is a tough one.

I guess the game characters that I've felt the most sympathy for recently are Mute and Hyun-ae from Analogue: A Hate Story and Hate Plus, though I wouldn't say that I have much in common with these two.

Both of these games are Visual Novels so to play them is just like reading a book, these games in particular you're a captain of the ship and Hyun-ae and Mute are AI's of an abandoned ship. In Analogue you're reading through the ships logs to find out what happened, and every now and then you'll talk with the AI's where you can choose to be mean, friendly or sometimes a little flirty with them.

Its hard to describe the events that happen within this story because there are a lot more aspects from it, but to try and keep it simple you're mostly reading about The Pale Bride - a young girl promised as a wife and childbearer to the Emporer - on the surface she appears to be a polite young girl but you learn that it is Hyun-ae before she became AI, you can tell shes unhappy with a lot of the events, didn't want that life she had, and as you speak to Mute you can tell she's very hostile towards Hyun-ae, even going as far as calling her a mass-murderer.

In Hate Plus you're back on your own ship heading to Earth with the recovered AI's from the first game - you can select your saved data from the first to predetermine who is with you and how they react to you - and this time you're looking through some hidden data that they've just managed to decrypt which you'll read through to find out what happened before Year 0 on the last ship.

Here you learn that the population on board the ship was failing due to radiation from the ship, there are characters you meet who figure this out and are working towards proving and fixing this, but at the same time you're finding out that the government is struggling, they're going through an uprising and think they can handle it, however a secret rebellion are fighting from the inside to take over and aim to "fix" the population by only allowing the women to be wives with the goal to become mothers. The rebellion think this is how things should be and aren't happy with the women in high powered jobs - like the one finding out about the radiation, Mute who is head of security and many others.

This is the game I felt most sympathy for Mute as you find out she has to make a tough decision in hopes to save as many people on board, including herself. The current version of Mute that is reading about her past that she has no knowledge of struggles with this a lot.

My favourite endings in both of the games is to have both the AI's as you wives because Mute is very hesitant about her feelings towards another woman and having the two interact as they have very different dynamics is fun.

(The game has no nudity but some of the files you read from the past are a little nsfw)


Its not really a surprise when I say the Hate Plus series, at first I found them to be slow but as the events of the stories unfolded and the secrets came out I was super attached to finding out the truth behind the death of everyone aboard the Mugunghwa‍ ship and why there was a gap in the AI's knowledge about the way of life prior to Year 0. The games take place over thousands of years so there is a lot of change within the two.

I've completed both to 100%.

Kind of.
In Hate Plus one of the achievements is impossible to get, I'm not saying this as in its hard, I mean its actually not coded into the game, its just a nod at a Final Fantasy game because there is no way to do this.
The other achievement I've yet to get is email a picture to the developer of myself and Hyun-ae, yes the PC screen, sharing a cake... I've not had any cake to do this so I have yet to be able to get the code to unlock this achievement.

Currently Playing
The Wolf Among Us. Is. Amazing.

I can't even begin to describe how much I'm enjoying this. I feel like I will probably be recommending this next month once I've finished it.
I feel so bad for The Little Mermaid! :(


  1. I don't know who these people are! Sorry!

    BUT it's great that you still find a connection to these characters. Games nowadays are very different from the ones I grew up with. It has a story and you get to be a character while you play so I guess it's essential for your enjoyment to find yourself in these personalities.

    P.S. THANK YOU for the TONS of comments you left on my blog.

    1. Heh maybe I'll try and pick a more well known game next month :P
      I normally play a lot of RPG games that have a lot of exploring but I have so many games on my PC that I wanted to finish some of the shorter ones so I didn't feel bad about aquiring some new ones during the next sale.

      No worries, just playing catch up :D

  2. Analogue is on my Steam wishlist, but between two different freelancing jobs, going to school, and working on my own writing projects I don't have the time to game very often. I feel like so many cool games are coming out and I barely have the time to finish my backlog, let alone the new things...!

    1. Its a lot better than I expected it to be, but if you don't read everything or you're impatient then I can see why some people don't like it. I barely have time for games during the term time but I'm on summer break at the moment luckily so I'm putting in as much time as I can :')

  3. OMG YES YOU ARE PLAYING THE WOLF AMONG US! I loved that series so much and can't wait for Season 2. I used to play visual novels because it was fun getting multiple endings and deciding on dialogue choices, but these days I prefer the Telltale Games ones. Thanks for doing this month's RPB!


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