Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Bout of Books: Day 2

Bout of Books Read-a-Thon
I haven't actually started reading yet and its 2pm, I know terrible but I have only been awake for two hours, I don't know how I sleep so much. On the plus side I've stopped by at least 30 blogs wishing you all luck and congratulating you on your progress. I'm going to go and finish reading Paper Towns once I've done the challenges for today, hope you have a good day! Okay finished Paper Towns and picked up Troll or Derby which I highly recommend :)

Book Finished: Paper Towns
Pages Read: 51
Time Read For: 54 minutes
Book Read: Troll or Derby
Percent Read: 11%
Time Read For: 31 minutes
Overall Books Completed: 2
Overall Page Count: 128 + 11%
Overall Time Read For: 2 hour 32 minutes

Curiosity Killed The Bookworm would like us to write her a book or blog related limerick:
Heh, which I'm not actually going to do but I hope you all go and take part ;) I'm terrible at limericks and don't even understand how they work! Good luck to all who try.
The Grammarian's Reviews (wow has a lovely layout) wants to know what book we are currently reading and where is it going to relocate?
Well I'm reading Paper Towns which is located in Orlando, Florida and I have almost finished it, at the moment they're taking the road trip to hopefully find Margo but I'm not as optimistic as Q. I guess if I'd relocate it I'd simply shove them all into the prison that Rick and his fellow The Walking Dead cast have just stumbled across at the end of Season 2 or have left behind long ago if you're up to date with the books, the reason I'm relocating the characters there is because its a large area that Margo can get lost in and explore with her black note book whilst the others can play hide and seek with her without having trek across the country to find out whether she's alive or not, oh and I'll keep the Walkers there too so there is some added drama and possibility she could be dead which is how I'm feeling about the book right now.
Last but not least Once Upon A Time would like us to write a piece of fiction about two characters from different worlds interacting;
Again, I'm not technically taking part in this one as I'm not a writer but if I was I'd write a piece about Elena Gilbert and Bella Swan meeting up over coffee to whine and ponder on how-oh-so-tough it is to choose who you love and the stress of having a boyfriend who is vampire. *rolls eyes*

Check back later for my progress & leave links to yours so I can stop by!


  1. Ooo! I hope you're enjoying Paper Towns. It's one of my faves. :)

    Your answer is awesome. I immediately envisioned this huuuuuge hide-and-seek arena-type place. (You know, if those actually existed.) :P

  2. lolling at the idea of Bella & Elena having coffee... oh the angst! (give me TV Damon any day!)

    Good luck with rest of you goals :D

    Jo @ Urban Fangtasy

  3. Haha, I'm the same with limericks and writing. :) Congrats on cheering so many of us on and best of luck for today!

  4. You are doing good, i was going to do Bout, but had just finished SWUR and realized the Back to School read-a-thon starts Thurs and thought..no way I am burned out, so I bailed on Bout :) Sounds like ya all are having fun though!Good luck

    1. I kinda wish I'd done the same now! This is something like my fourth back-to-back read-a-thon, AND we're moving house so I'm spending free moments sorting and packing. There's no time (or willpower) left for reading this week! :(

  5. Paper Town sounds amazing! I'm so behind on John Green books, I've read like...1 book from him so far...*sigh*

    Good luck&Have fun! :)

  6. Great job for Bout Of Books so far! :-)

  7. I'm not doing this one Lauren, but good luck with your challenge!! ^_^ I hope you have fun and happy reading!! :D


  8. You're making great progress! I need to read Paper Towns, I've heard so many good things about it. And I would definitely read a story with Elena and Bella meeting, haha.

    Good luck with the rest of your goals =)

  9. Haha, sleep is important!!! And you got a lot of reading done, so keep it up :)

  10. Looks like you got a lot of reading done! I wish I could track my time reading by my kids interrupt me too often. @fromleft2write www.fromlefttowrite.com


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