Thursday, 16 August 2012

Bout of Books: Day 4

Bout of Books Read-a-Thon
Today has easily been my best day by far and its not even over yet. I've already finished up my third book, not to mention the fact it is results day too! I did really well and either got my predicted grades or better. Hope everyone else is having a good week.

Book Finished: Troll or Derby
Percent Read: 24%
Time Read For: 54 minutes
Overall Books Completed: 3
Overall Pages Read: 128 + 68% (178ish)
Overall Time Read For: 4 hours 21 minutes
Reading In Winter has lovely challenge up called "A Book For Every Season" where we have to select a book for each season whether it be because it was set during the season or because the season is in the name of the book title.
As I have a really hard time remembering when/where a lot of the books I've read where set or they've not played much attention to the season I've done with picking titles instead, for Summer I've chose Summer and Bird by Katherine Catmull which I haven't read but has been on my wishlist for a month, the cover for Autumn by David Moody caught my eye and it sounds fabulous so I've added it to my wishlist now, on my to be read pile from NetGalley I have Blades of Winter by G.T. Almasi which I may actually start during boutofbooks cause I honestly forgot about it, and last but not least for Spring we have Spring-Heeled Jack by Philip Pullman cause I'm about 80% sure I read this during school!
Summer and BirdAutumnBlades of Winter (Shadowstorm, #1)Spring-Heeled Jack
Book Smartie would like to know what our favourite snack whilst reading is, do we even snack at all or do you try and eat or drink exactly what the characters in the story are having?
It's funny she asks this because whilst I was reading Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowan I wanted nothing more to eat plate after plate of small fancy chicken wings, maybe in a BBQ sauce? but alas there were none in the house and my kindle would've been very messy. I also have a glass of water or mug of tea handy when reading and food wise I try to avoid things that make your hands messy to avoid ruining the books so when I do have a packet of crisps I use one hand only and refuse to touch the book with that hand again haha! I drink more than I eat when reading :)
Last but not least Books With Cass has a few question on contemporary novels which I've decided not to participate in right now - I might do later - but I really want to go and read some more, make sure you check it out though.


  1. I love it when a book inspires a certain kind of food ... I read Joanne Harris's Chocolat, which made me CRAVE chocolate like crazy! I'm currently listening to a book about zombies, so no food cravings kicking in!

    1. Good job or I'd be super worried about you wanting to eat me :o

  2. I love the cover of Summer And Bird! Oh, yes, I often want to eat exactly what the characters are eating, especially when the author describes the food so well you can almost smell and taste it.

  3. I know what you mean. If a character is eating fries i yearn for that. I think writers tend to describe things so good that you want to be in that very moment doing what the characters are doing. I love those covers by the way.


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