Sunday, 3 February 2013

Bought, Borrowed & Bagged (40)

Bought, Borrowed and Bagged is a weekly event hosted by Talk Supe where you can share the books you have bought, borrowed or bagged (won) plus a recap of the previous week's reviews, upcoming reviews and on going events. 

Intangible by J Meyers
I caved, I bought a book, but I see this as okay because I promised myself to buy it with my Christmas money and I just got a little delayed in ordering it!
Yes! Look what has arrived #jmeyers #intangible #bookSuper big thanks to J Meyers c: #book #bookmarks #signedFirst person outside the UK Yessss :3
Intangible (Intangible, #1)

Scarlette by Davonna Jurdge, Finding Jesse: A Mystery Romance by Eve Paludan and Dark Light by S.L. Jennings
Amazon freebies, can't help it. It's a very bad addiction. Stop Lauren, stop!

ScarletteFinding Jessie: A Mystery RomanceDark Light (The Dark Light Series, #1)
Once Beauty Twice Beast, Moon and Madly, Rumpelstein and Jawigi by Cameron Jace (The Grimm Diaries Prequels 7-10)
I couldn't resist after reading the first 6, I had to get my hands on these from the Amazon kindle lending library and the covers aren't on Goodreads yet.

Fields of Elysium by A.B. Whelan
I received this for review from the author herself! Eep.
Fields of Elysium

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Hope everyone had a good first month. I almost have my portfolio completed for my interviews and almost all my work is up to date so everything is going well there. I have a lot to read as always which is great, but I keep struggling with what I want to pick next, how do you pick what book to read next?


  1. Oh pretty, I love the Intangible Bookmarks! They're so beautiful!

    1. I know :D I never have any book marks so this is great.

  2. I enjoyed Intangible. I hope you love it as much!

  3. Scarlet looks pretty interesting. Your reason for buying a book is perfectly acceptable!! haha. Hope you enjoy your books!

    Thanks for stopping by my Showcase Sunday!

  4. Did your copy of Intangible come with a note from the author? How special!


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