Saturday, 2 February 2013

Movies: Hit or Miss

I wanted to do something a little different today, many of you who are as passionate about reading as I am also enjoy to watch plenty of movies too. So I wanted to share what I've seen this year with a sentence or two about why you should or should not bother viewing it.

First movie I watched this year was Looper starring Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emily Blunt which was honestly an amazing way to open the year. I can't describe how much I loved this movie, how well thought out it was too. Time travel is often a tricky matter to deal with in movies or books, you've always got the "but how?" question looming over you but it tackled it nicely.
5 stars

My boyfriend was watching Hurt Locker before work one day and war movies are a big no no for me, they're not something I particularly enjoy or choose to watch but no one felt like telling me that Jeremy Renner was staring in this and I decided that was a perfectly reasonable excuse to put away all my usual hang ups about not watching Hurt Locker. Honestly I didn't really pay full attention to the movie as I decided to multi-task with blogging stuff at the same time but what I did see I liked, the ending was a bit bland but I think it got across what it was supposed too.
3 stars

My dad took me to see Jack Reacher and he is a huge fan of the books (well he's read them all but he told me that this movie was based off the first book so it was completely acceptable to go in and watch it with him but when I looked up on Goodreads afterwards and its book 9 and my Dad was really adamant I was wrong heheh) so he was a little upset that shorty was supposed to be the amazing Jack but we both came out with very high thoughts of this movie and I'd happily watch it again.
4 stars

Even though I knew full well what Frankenweenie was about, I still wasn't prepared for Sparky's death, it was really upsetting and I almost cried. Killing dogs in whatever form is not allowed. Okay granted he's brought back to life but it was still upsetting, the rest of the movie was great fun though like anything else you expect from the fabulous Tim Burton.
4 stars

Next up, Ted. I'm sorry but why did no one warn me how traumatising this movie is? I still haven't gotten over how upsetting the ending was and I don't know if I will. It needed a warning at the start or something! A sides from this, it is indeed very funny and worth watching.
4 stars

Django Unchained was absolutely marvellous  I loved it. I'm a huge fan of Tarantino and this wasn't a let down at all. It had everything you'd expect - blood, guts, humour, blood, explosions, guns, blood and foul language.
5 stars

I don't think I've ever been more in love with a movie than Silver Linings Playbook, I mean yeah I have a giant soft spot for Jennifer Lawrence but this movie is just perfect and I could watch it non-stop.
5 stars

Quantum of Solace and Goldeneye were both playing whilst I was doing more blogging stuff, I've seen them both before and I love James Bond. When will Sean Bean not die?
4 stars for both

I also watched Ice Age... You'll notice I am choosing not to include an image of the movie poster for this and I'm sure that what follows will justify my reason for not doing so. This was easily the most terrifying movie I have seen this year, possibly ever. I have no idea why anyone, especially my boyfriend, would make me sit down and watch something so frightening. My heart is jumping out of my chest even as I recall the horror of this movie. I should probably explain that I have a huge phobia of Sloth's. They're so creepy looking and look like they're plotting to kill us. I can not deal with them. Not even cartoon ones it seems.
1 star

Silent Hill Revelation was disappointing to say the least. I mean I enjoyed it, a fair bit but I felt the last fight was over far too quickly which is what annoyed me. It was nice seeing Kit Harrington on my screen again but his accent seemed funny after Game of Thrones. Overall, if you haven't seen it and you're not a huge fan of the first movie don't bother.
3.4 stars

I watched The Avengers, yet again. This time with my little sister and she's pooped herself when the Hulk starts roaring at Natasha. I loved it as always.
5 stars

Oh I also watched Silver Linings Playbook again. Still loved it.


  1. I really, really, really want to see Silver Linings but just haven't gotten to it. So sad. By the time I do it'll prob be out of the theaters. :( I'm definitely am getting this on dvd though. I already know it!

  2. I'm waiting to pre-order Silver Linings as soon as I can - I read the book aaaaages ago but the film looks much more coherent and fantastic! Also, love The Avengers, mostly because there are so many seriously fine individuals to look at. I KNOW I KNOW BUT I'M JUST BEING HONEST. :D


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