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Review: More Than Jamie Baker by Kelly Oram

Being Jamie Baker by Kelly Oram

Published: 15th October 2013 by Bluefields
Genre: Young Adult / Fantasy / Paranormal / Supernatural
Page Count: 342

Series: Jamie Baker #2
Format: eBook
Source: Kelly Oram

Synopsis: Jamie Baker, the only girl in the world with superpowers, has now accepted who she is and learned to control her power. Not to mention she has the best boyfriend on the planet. Life is finally looking good. But the day she witnesses an accident and decides not to save the guy out of fear of being exposed, she realizes that simply being Jamie Baker isn't enough.
After seeing Jamie so wrecked with guilt, the ever-helpful Ryan Miller decides it's time to make all of his fantasies about turning his girlfriend into an honest-to-goodness superhero become a reality.

Of course, coming up with a decent Super Name and fending off all of Ryan's attempts to get her into spandex aren't the only problems Jamie faces. The more her alter ego starts to make headlines, the harder it becomes for Jamie to hide her extracurricular activities from her best friend, the government, radical scientists, and the mysterious new guy who is determined to steal her from her boyfriend.

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Series Reviews:
Being Jamie Baker

5 / 5 stars

was fortunate enough to receive a copy of More Than Jamie Baker from Kelly Oram in exchange for an honest review shortly after its release, this will in no way effect my opinion on the book!

Don't you just hate second book syndrome? I surely do, especially after the first book has been so spectacular and you have all these high hopes on how much its set up for the sequel and then bam a bucket of water is poured over you washing away all the hopes and dreams you had for the characters whilst you slowly make progress through the follow up novel.

Well fear not.

More Than Jamie Baker is NOT like this at all. Its completely the opposite!

At first I was worried it was going to enter all these cliché college student genre with added super powers for a side dish, but it didn't and I feel terrible for doubting Kelly at all. She kept up with the great introduction she provided in Being Jamie Baker, and actually surprised me with a few twist and turns too.

College has its ups and downs for everyone, but when you add in super powers and the surprise confrontation of Mike when you're busy trying to find a cutie for Becky she can feel comfortable with, it is only going to get worse what with Mike being so incredibly drunk he stumbles out into the road and is about to get hit by a truck.

What would you do if you had the abilities Jamie does? With all those witnesses?

Its a tough decision for anyone to make, and Jamie does the only thing she can to protect those she cares for most. Nothing.

Doing nothing is great for keeping her secret hidden, for keeping herself, family and friends away from the scientists that would want to run tests on her. But not so great for Mike though, no he's in a coma with plenty of broken bones.

But its also not great for Jamie because she's full of guilt for knowing she could have saved him and feels selfish for not, I mean who wouldn't feel like this?

This is where being more than Jamie Baker comes in, the only way she can help ease the guilt she feels is to start helping others in need and soon becomes known as "Chelsea's's Angel" after saving a little girl. It doesn't end badly in any way.

Okay later on theres a mad man wanting to hold "Chelsea's Angel" accountable for not saving his son but its a great way to introduce Jamie and the police working together, or not so together to bring this man down.

If running a double life isn't hard enough at college, she also has to make sure not to slip up seeing as though she's possibly being stalked by a few different people, is it her over reactive imagination or are these the science guys Carter warned her about?

And can Teddy be as trusted as she wants him to be?

(Oooh and now you're wandering who's Teddy and how much harm could a cuddley Italian toy bring? Its difficult to talk about Teddy at all seeing as though we don't find out a lot about him in one go, we get to know him slowly throughout the book and he's a great character, perfect for Becky in most ways and protective over Jamie. But how protective is too protective?)

I feel like I could talk all day about all the little things I loved about this book but I think mostly I loved the ending, I loved how I was genuinely surprised with the last few pages and how the last few chapters opened up so much more of the world Jamie lives in.

I look forward to the final in the trilogy, and I love the current working title. It fits perfectly.

(Also I like how the title can work in two ways but I guess I can't talk about that until then).

Can I squee to illustrate just how much love I have for this series?


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