Friday, 29 August 2014

Insomnia Gaming Festival

Less books, more gaming. 
I had intended to do a very well planned out post about my time at Insomnia Gaming Festival, or i52 for short, with lovely pictures of the exhibition halls the Bring Your Own Computer halls and overall documenting the great time I had with my friends.

However I didn't take any photographs because I was simply enjoying myself too much and well running off not a lot of sleep.

i52 started for my group of friends on the Thursday which went very smoothly and we gamed until 2am I believe. Friday was the first  "proper" day though as the exhibition halls actually opened, inside there were stalls to try out early access to Evolve and Borderlands: The Pre-sequel and a Transformers themed MOBA, a few stalls selling geek themed items and of course PC stallls. Above is my group of friends with one of the guys we know working there.

I aimed to pull an all nighter that night too, most of my group abandoned ship before 4am I believe so it was just myself and my best friend, Jon. It went pretty smoothly and I didn'[t even feel tired until they so rudely turned the lights back on at 8:20am. That was killer. Have you ever gone from so long in the dark to sudden and un-warning bright light when tired. It is not fun!
soz @precipere it’s mine now where c:6:30am. It’s pretty cold inside the hall right now but I can totally handle this all nighter with @precipere
Of course some obligatory selca's of me during the night, the second one I was adamant I could last until that evening until I slept. 

The rest of the weekend pretty much carried on the same, apart from I was much more sensible with my sleeping - only getting myself delirious with lack of sleep on the Sunday night. The only downside to the long weekend was the local shops and restaurants weren't prepared for the extra 2,500+ people that they should've been feeding. It was very much a first come, first served, fight for the best food situation each day.

The drive back was really smooth though! (Nothing to do with me sleeping, nope).

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