Saturday, 21 May 2016

I'm Back!

I'm back!

No really, I am this time. For good. It's official, I have no more lessons to attend. That's it. I'm done. I'm no longer a student.

Time for me to face the real world and become an adult now.

Okay I'm pretty scared and a bit like, what do I do know? But I'll get there, I'll get somewhere at least.

Anyway, I really enjoyed (most) of my time at university and it was a huge learning experience for myself. But at the same time I'm so ready to be done.

My last post here would've been a bit of out of the blue from my hiatus but I was so thrilled to be working on a book focused project at last that I just had to share some of that work with you guys.

I guess I should talk about whats been happening outside of university; I've set up my own website to share my illustrations and I created a shop to sell prints of them too! Hopefully one day I can be printing these myself so I don't have to go through redbubble but for now it'll do.

On a more bookish side of things I've been able to somewhat stay part of the book community by creating my own discord server for those who enjoy books can come and talk and share reviews etc etc. Its been so much fun and I've met a lot of new booklrs thanks to it. So its about time some of my fellow bloggers came to say hi too because we're over a 100 members strong now and all super friendly.

We're just about to finish up doing a readalong of The Raven Cycle, we'll start a read-a-long of Neverwhere next month and this month we're also running 2 travelling book projects which has been fun but also a little stressfull to sort out. (Unfortunately no new people can join the travelling book project but read-a-longs remain open for everyone).

[To read more about discord click here | To join the text chat click here]

Anyway the rest of this month and next I'll be playing catch up with reviews before I start writing them properly again.

So now you're caught up and I'm ready to hop back in with this book blogging. I hope you've all been doing well, please let me know how you've been since I've been gone.


  1. Welcome back. :)

    Discord sounds interesting, I might give it a try.

    1. Thank you!

      I've had the chat up since beginning of January, and we're close to 150 members now eeek!!

  2. Yaaas, missed these posts :D can't wait to see your first review out of uni! Welcome back :) x

  3. *tackle hugs*
    I MISSED YOU!!!!!

  4. Welcome back, Lauren! Congrats on finishing Uni! I'm almost there myself... I have an exam in 10 days, and I have to write my MA thesis, then I'm done with my English. After that, I still need to do my teaching certificate but at least I can see the end of the tunnel.
    Your illustrations look awesome! I hope you'll find a way to print them yourself :)
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews


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