Sunday, 3 August 2014

Bought, Borrowed & Bagged (65)

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New Books
So I've finally completed my current ASOIAF paperback set, thank you to my friend for sending me these. I'm really happy that I own them all now as its given me the push I needed to keep reading A Storm of Swords.
A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, #4)A Dance with Dragons: Dreams and Dust (A Song of Ice and Fire #5, Part 1 of 2)A Dance with Dragons: After the Feast (A Song of Ice and Fire #5, Part 2 of 2)
Since accepting a hardback copy of The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest from my Grandpa he's been hoarding hardback books for me, not realising it was that specific book I was lusting for in hardcover and not all hardcovers but this has turned out into a good thing because no doubt I'm getting introduced into authors I wouldn't otherwise pick up so thats why I have Faces by Martina Cole,  Unscathed by Major Phil AshbyNYPD Red by James Patterson and Marshall Karp, Book of the Dead by Patricia Cornwell, Presumed Guilty and Never Say Die by Tess Gerritsen, and Sanctus and The Key by Simon Tyone added to my shelf.
FacesUnscathed: Escape from Sierra LeoneNYPD Red (NYPD Red, #1)Book Of The Dead (Kay Scarpetta, #15)
Presumed GuiltyNever Say Die
SanctusThe Key
Whilst ordering my dad birthday presents I also slipped up and ordered Saga, Volume One by Brian K. Vaughan/Fiona Staples and Tank Girl, Volume One Remastered by Alan Martin/James Hewlett.
Saga, Volume 1Tank Girl 1 (Remastered Edition)
Lastly I actually accepted a book for review too, which is Diamones by Massimo Marino.
Daimones (Daimones Trilogy, #1)
Recently on Northern Plunder
Upcoming on Northern Plunder
Attempting University
Mini Review: Hot Ticket by Oliva Cunning
DNF Review: All He Saw was the Girl by Peter Leonard
Mini Review: The Restaurant at the End of the Universe by Douglas Adams
Lauren's Progress
Read in 2014: 20 / 70
Assured Destruction by Michael F. Stewart
Script Kiddie by Michael F. Stewart
Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor
With Zombies by Michael F. Stewart
Memory's Wake by Selina Fenech
Embracing the Wolf by Catherine Bybee
Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr
Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr
Kick Ass by Mark Millar
Kick Ass 2 by Mark Millar

Currently Reading:
Deviation by Christine Manzari
Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor
Soulless by Gail Carriger
A Storm of Sword: Steel and Snow by George R. R. Martin
News from Lauren
I took a break from blogging and now I'm finally back, I've used the time off to queue up stuff ready to post this month and the following in hopes this'll give me the start I need to not get behind again. My reading has picked up slowly but surely too. 
August is actually a really busy month for me, I'm sure I'll clue you in on some of the highlights as they happen, at the moment I'm staying with a friend for a week so any comments will be replied too once I get back home. 
I hope everyone's August and reading is going well, and hello again I guess.

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  1. Hey Lauren! I've missed you!

    Enjoy your GoT books! I just watch the show ;)

    1. Hey! Thank you!
      They're really great books but take a lot to get through.


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