Tuesday, 14 July 2015

International Authors Day Blog Hop



Debdatta at b00k r3vi3ws, is hosting an International Authors' Day Blog Hop where we get to talk about our favourite authors, books, and our reading habbits.

Favourite Authors
I actually have a post coming up later this month about my favourite authors of all time compared to when I started this blog and now. Today however I'm going to talk about some of my favourite indie authors.

Troll Or Derby Troll Or Park This Brilliant Darkness The Wizard Tales Vol I-III
Red Tash
I found out about Red's work thanks to a giveaway I won from Talk Supe and I've follower her work since then, I've read almost all of her books and enjoyed everything I've read so far.

Indomitable (Intangible, #0.75) Intangible (Intangible, #1) Imaginable (Intangible, #2) Anywhere
Jen Meyers
I was lucky enough to recieve copies of all the above books for review thanks to Jen. I loved them so much that I've since purchased signed copies of Intagible, Imaginable, and Anywhere. I haven't yet started reading her new adult series but maybe one day soon I'll pick it up now its complete.

By Blood (By Blood, #1)
Moon Child (Prequel to By Blood) Rebel Wing (Rebel Wing #1) Storm Fall (Rebel Wing, #2)
Tracy Banghart
I couldn't make this post without an honorable mention to Tracy, who has recently got her Rebel Wing series published with Alloy Entertainment, again another author I found out about thanks to book tours and Rebel Wing holds such a huge space in my heart. Storm Fall is next on my to purchase list but its been a while so I think I'll be rereading Rebel Wing soon.

All three of these authors I've mentioned are such wonderful ladies, so I highly suggest picking up a book or two of theirs.

A big thank you to Karen-Anne Stewart for sponsoring this giveaway for me, she does request that it be 18+ only due to the books content ;)
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  1. Hopping about and happy to connect. Like your post ,authors were new to me.

  2. Thanks for introducing us to new authors. :)

  3. I <3 Red Tash :) Glad to see another fan!

  4. Great post, thank you for sharing your favourite indie authors. More books for me to check out >.<

  5. Hopping by from 100 Pages A Day...looks like a found a few new cool books to read!

  6. Thanks for sharing. This is a great idea I love finding new authors

  7. Thanks for sharing. This is a great idea I love finding new authors

  8. Thanks for sharing. This is a great idea I love finding new authors

  9. Hopping along the blog hop trail! Thanks for introducing new authors and for stopping by and commenting on our post too. Happy reading to you!

  10. Great to read about your favorite authors. It always feels great when we discover a wonderful author. Happy International Author's Day! Cheers :)

  11. Nice post on your favorite books. It great to meet so many other readers and writers during this celebration! Nancy’s Blog


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