Thursday, 16 July 2015

Read Play Blog: Geek Conventions

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What geek convetions have you been too or would like to attend?
I guess my "first" geek convention was during high school when I attended a Q&A with Louise Rennison as a school trip, she also signed our books.
When Comic Con first came to Manchester I attending that too, which I guess is my actual first geek convention. I really enjoyed it but had expected a little more. I haven't been back since because it is an expensive weekend.
I've also been to two Waterstones signing, one for Laini Taylor and one for Sarah J. Maas.
I would love to go to BEA or SDCC but alas I am stuck in the UK so that only makes it even more expensive. Maybe a London Comic Con will be more affordable for myself sometime soon.


My recommendation for this month has to be Life is Strange, I only own the first chapter which I have completed to 100% but its very story based and entirely up to you whether you talk to everyone to get all the dialogue options - the more you talk, the more of the story you know. Oh and you can rewind time if you're not happy with an outcome.

Currently Playing

The boyfriend and myself have finally stopped our binge on Killing Floor 2 which I mentioned last month and moved onto Dirty Bomb - a free to play first person shooter - each round you have objectives that you have to complete and you're either defending or attacking. Pretty straight forward but such a fast paced game that its a lot of fun to play a few games here and there.


  1. The game Dirty Bomb sounds like one my bf would love, I'll have to recommend it to him. :)

    1. Its so fun and quick, definitely worth trying out considering its free. A new merc that has been added is OP tho :(

  2. The Video Game looks awesome. I can tell you that BEA is so awesome. If you get the chance to go, definitely do go. Great post.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  3. Oh gosh, I can only do Mappy and old school Mario, and I've never saved the princess. Ever! lol

    1. You could easily complete Life is Strange, you just walk and talk to people, and interact with objects. No fighting, no racing. Just a story :)

  4. Oh man, sounds like you had a great time at Comic Con! They can definitely get expensive though! I can't wait to play Life is Strange, I bought it at the last steam sale.

    1. Yeah it was really good but honestly I didn't expect to spend so much on so little :') I'm saving up to go to the London one next year.
      I really enjoyed chapter one, definitely worth checking out

  5. Cons can be quite the expensive endeavour! Especially with all the merch! :D


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