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The Grimm Diaries Prequels #7 & #8 by Cameron Jace - Reviews

The Grimm Diaries Prequels by Cameron Jace
Published: 2012 - 2013
Publisher: Cameron Jace
At this current moment in time 10 of The Grimm Diaries Prequels have been published, I have only read up to #8 as my Amazon Prime account ran out and I haven't yet re-purchased it.  Unfortunately these last two do not have any covers or synopsis' so this post has already been significantly cut short, plus as they are only short stories so I can't imagine that I'm going to have a lot to type up.
I can not promise that these reviews will be spoiler free, especially as they're short stories!
Reviews for books 1 - 3 can be found here.
Reviews for books 4 - 6 can be found here.

Page Count: ??
Read Date: February 4th 2013
Synopsis: N/A.
Review: Okay so a lot about this book is not available, no cover, no page count and no synopsis but I really can't keep this in my drafts forever. Do not let this deter you. Honestly this was the best of all eight, I feel this book acurately portrays the authors real skill of writing, when judging on writing skill for the others I'd say he was pretty average at best, but in this one he really shone through and you can see he's been listening to his readers over time. If you haven't guessed this short story is based on Beauty and the Beast only the gender roles have been flipped, and it is basically the back story to how the Beast as we know it came to be. It's such a well thought out process and I really liked how the genders were opposites in the beginning.
5 / 5 stars

Page Count: ??
Read Date: February 8th 2013
Synopsis: N/A
Review: Another with very little information available but do not let it put you off, remember Jack from the previous short stories, well he's back and having an adventure with the Moon, well the girl in the moon to be precise. It also gives us the back story to Marmalade the Mermaid that he was ever so in love with in one of the previous stories too. Whilst I enjoyed this book much like the others it did feel like a bit of a filler, and it really irked me that we didn't get an answer to a problem he faced us with in this prequel - if the moon gets reborn then does that mean there is never a moon ever again? or is there a replacement agency we call? I don't know it just seemed not as well thought out as some of the others. However I did really like getting to see a softer side to Jack so we realise he's not just a flat character, there is some filling too him.
3.5 / 5 stars

Sorry for the poor look of this, I can't really fluff it out :c
I've enjoyed the prequels a lot and upset I can't get to finish them without use of the Amazon Prime Kindle Lending Library, I mean I could buy 7 - 10 but hello book buying ban, and they are only short stories too so I'd rather not.
Hope you're all having a good Summer.

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  1. Really nice review! Considering the lack of information you had to review them, you really summarised them well without giving away much/anything. Well done!


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