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Current Plunder: Enthrall by M.R. Reed

by M.R. Reed

Series: Standalone
Genre: Young Adult / Science Fiction
Length: 318 pages
Published on 12th October 2014 by M.R. Reed
Purchase: Amazon US / Amazon UK

After years of being a helpless witness to his alcoholic father’s abuse towards his family, seventeen-year-old Miles Boswell has just about reached his breaking point. He dreams of the day where he can leave everything behind and begin a new life on his own -- that is, until he discovers that he has the ability to control people’s minds. Suddenly, the odds are overwhelmingly in his favor.

But what begins as the answer to all of his problems soon causes him to question his every thought when he captures the attention of August Sylvan, who seems to be the girl of his dreams. As someone who has limited experience with girls, Miles can’t help but wonder -- where do his powers end, and where does reality begin? 

At the same time, he finds himself at constant odds with his morals and his potentially warped sense of justice...and soon discovers that nothing is as simple as it seems.

This book contains strong language, violent scenes, and some sexual content. It is not intended for readers under 17. “Rated R”

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There are a number of things that I am – mother, teacher, roller derby player, and author – and I wish that there were more hours in a day in which to enjoy all of them. My favorite type of books are ones that feature realistic, flawed characters that don’t necessarily have a happy ending, because let’s face it – life isn’t always tied up in a neat little box. My passion for the X-Men, science fiction, punk rock, and the straight-edge lifestyle are what inspired me to write this book. If any of those things appeal to you, read on!

“Miles! Dad’s doing it again!” he whispered, looking into the kitchen at something that I obviously couldn’t see from where I was seated. It turned out that I didn’t need to see anything, because the roar of my father’s voice was warning enough.

damn it, Katharine! What do you think I go to work every day for? To buy you new dishes whenever your stupid ass breaks another one?” he bellowed inches from her face, his veins bulging out of his neck. Okay. Deep breath, Miles. This is it.

I approached them cautiously, with an air of confidence and calm that directly rivaled the tension that filled the room. Unfortunately, that wasn’t going to be enough. As I saw my dad pull his arm back to strike, I shot my hand out to grab his forearm before he could complete the motion. Luckily, he turned his head to look at me in surprise and I was able to lock eyes with him. Yup, definite connection. Stronger than any connection I’d ever felt.

“Miles, no!” my mother gasped as she saw what I was doing. I continued to hold my father’s gaze as I narrowed my eyes, in some sick way enjoying the power I felt over him at that moment.

“You need to leave her alone. Now. Go back to the couch, sit down, and shut up,” I commanded him, keeping my tone even but firm. Even as I spoke, I could see the rage in his eyes ease as he lowered his fist and dropped the aggression in his stance.  I stared at him like that until he left the room, sat down on the couch, and made himself comfortable. I think my jaw may have dropped in awe after witnessing how the whole situation played out, but I was jerked back to reality by the sound of my mother breaking into tears.

“I’m so sorry...I never wanted you boys to have to get involved,” she sobbed, her shoulders heaving as she covered her face with her hands. I wrapped my arms around her as she cried, noticing Blaine in the doorway with a look that could only be described as awestruck. I knew exactly how he felt, only I was the one who had done the incredible thing. And it would definitely not be the last time. I had a feeling that my newfound ability and I were going to be spending a lot of time together.


  1. Interesting. I hope this book is good if you're reading it :)

    1. :) thank you, just helping an author from tumblr get the word out.

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