Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Read Play Blog: Surprising Games

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Is there a video game that surprised you when you played it, whether in a good or bad way?

In a bad way I can certainly name a few - Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, and Call of Duty: World at War - do you see a theme here?

I don't get it, I don't get the fuss, hype, and price of these games. I've tried and failed to enjoy them, and don't even get me started on the multiplayer because its a toxic community.

Call of Duty: World at War also surprised me in a good way, the Zombie co-op mode was great, I loved playing that with my best friend at the time.

Another game that surprised me in a good way is Dirty Bomb.

I expected to hate it as I do any other PvP game because low and behold if I'm too bad its because I'm a girl and if I'm too good then I'm a boy pretending. I can't win. But Dirty Bomb has been an enjoyable experience and I intend to keep playing it, the community can be a little gross at times but never towards me so for now it keeps surprising me.

Another reason this game surprises me is because its actually fun to play, the mercs all have their own personality and skills, and I'm actually pretty good at it.


Can I recommend Until Dawn even though I've not played it? This is a game thats surprised me because I kind of expected it to be executed badly but what I've seen of it, it looks fab. I just can't justify spending £50 on a game though. When will consoles "get good" with prices? :(

Here is to hoping I get it tomorrow for my birthday. Doubt it.

Currently Playing

I've done it. I've fallen back into the hole that is Diablo 3. The new season is out, my boyfriend and I hit level 70 in 2 days and now we are just in an endless cycle of completing rift after rift to get some decent gear or damage behind us. We've yet to break into the millions for damage amount so we're stuck on Torment 1. I love it though.

Below is my Demon Hunter from mid-Season 2.


  1. It is impossible for me and my boyfriend to say "call of duty" in neutral tone of voice. Whenever we refer to the series it's always in the OHMAGERD GERSEBUMPS voice because....ugh. Shooters = the worst.

    Diablo >>>>>>>>>> everything lbr

    1. That is exactly how I say it too!! Those games are just ughhhhhh, and the played *tears hair out*.

      True! I love Diablo

  2. Level 70 in two days! Goodness! Did you eat? Shower? Pee? Sleep?

    1. Haha yes we did all of those things too! We just know the best way to level and what to do to get xp bonus' to help level :)

  3. The only COD game I actually liked was World at War...and I was eerily good at it, especially multiplayer, which NEVER happens to me in 1st person shooters. The rest are pretty much the same.
    Way to go on Lvl 70! That's pretty amazing. I haven't played D3 is forever! I've actually kind of gotten away from wanting to play it on my PC, and I'm contemplating getting it on Xbox since I know I'll actually play it and not get on the internet. :P


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