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Review: Bad Boy Rock Star by Candy J. Star

Bad Boy Rock Star
by Candy J. Starr

Series: Bad Boy Rock Star #1
Genre: New Adult / Romance
Length: 197 pages
Published on 18th November 2013
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Received from Xpresso Book Tours

Hannah Sorrento never planned to be a band manager. She’s a princess and the toughest obstacle she's had in life is finding shoes to match her outfit.

Then her father disappears leaves her with only the money in her purse and a management contract for hot, indie band, STORM. She plans to sell the contract, one way or another, then pack up her designer wardrobe and head back to law school.

But lead singer, Jack Colt, has other ideas. She's never met a man like him before. His raw sexuality is messing with her head and her heart... and a lot of other body parts.

With the help of crazy rock chick, Angie, Hannah sets the band on their first steps to the big time and learns to survive on her own.

But this isn’t some game - soon the threat that Hannah fears most becomes reality.

Jack Colt - he’s arrogant and infuriating but he’s the one that’s there for Hannah when her world comes crashing down. With secrets of his own, will Jack Colt save Hannah or destroy her?

Bad Boy Rock Star is the first book in a series of three. Rock Star vs Millionaire, the second book, is due for release in early 2014.

Nope. Big fat NOPE.

I shelved this as DNF so quickly it should be a sin. I'd read 1% and warning signs were flashing everywhere.

After reading 1 and a half pages I was under the impression that they weren't supposed to be kissing because of a friendship or work related relationship which is why the female protagnist was worrying about it.

Then the next half calmly presented itself with the quote below, and wanted me to be happy about it.

"I didn't want him kissing me. I didn't want his flesh against mine."
Surely she's kissing someone that isn't the main love interst, right? No I double checked and its the same guy on the blurb.

But I chose to ignore these warning signs and pushed forth, until I had read 4 pages.

4 pages to provide me with

"But he's not even given me the chance to say no.
I wanted to slap his face for daring to pounce on me like that."
"Eyes that mocked me with a look that said he could take what he wanted from me any time."
and that is the moment I tried my very hardest to suceed in angrily shutting the kindle app on my phone, which turns out isn't really possible so I added in a huff and slammed my phone on the bed too.

I understand the title is "Bad Boy Rock Star" but being a rapist/sexual abuser is not the kind of bad boy I'm willing to read further about and supposed to be thinking dreamily of. No can do. Sorry.

Please Note: I did recieve this for part of a book tour when I first started university but I had to pull out due to being overwhelmed with how busy university was, I guess that worked out well considering how strongly I didn't like four pages.

Did not finish - 1 star / 5 stars


  1. I shouldn't be laughing but it sounds so funny when you lay it out like that. I hope your current/next read is wayyy better than this. Read Click instead!

    1. It was just so unappealing though haha. I'm reading Click right now, I'm really enjoying it.


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