Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Summer Time Updates

I've been thinking long and hard about returning to book blogging and I realised one of the things putting me off was how unorganised I had left everything. Emails and bloglovin notification had been piling up, my Twitter feed is unreadable, and my queue empty on Tumblr.

I've been reading regularly now which has helped with my need to return, but I desperately needed a spring cleaning. At one point I even considered a new blog, though I ended up decided to just tidy up and organise what I already had.

So this post is a just quick update to let everyone know what I've been working on and intend to do.

Also a big big thank you to all the kind words on my previous post, I'm much happier now and things are looking better.

Books and Tea Updates

I run another book blog on tumblr - Books and Tea - which I decided should be my first re-entry into the book blogging world.

I have:
- Added a new theme to the main page
- Written a new about section
- Updated The Book Blogger Directory
- Kept the queue full of images

I still want to change the side bar image, create a 2014 and 2015 read books page, and work on a format for adding reviews there.

Northern Plunder Updates

So you have probably seen me stopping by a few blogs here and there, thats because I'm slowly making my way through bloglovin which has helped inspire me and I've found a few things I want to take part in.

I have:
- Started catching up with my bloglovin feed
- Draft and schedule reviews/posts here
- Cleaned up old posts (removed broken images/removed white backgrounds)
- Changed the main font here (hopefully it reads okay for everyone)

I still need to schedule more posts really, clean up my Twitter feed, and figure out what to do with the Facebook page, but my main thing I accomplisted was unsubscribing from all but one of the book tour hosts. I love taking part in book tours but I think that may have been what killed my passion here, as I felt like I was reading and posting because I had too, not becuase I wanted. Even though I enjoyed what I read it was still a bit too much.


  1. Sweeeet! Glad to see you're starting to enjoy it all again :) Hope it's all going well and you find some awesome books out there.

  2. Glad to see you reentering in the blogging world. With almost 4 years under my belt I know how overwhelming it can become. Read and share books that interest you. I rarely tour unless it is a book I want to read and schedule it as a review

    1. Thank you :) yeah I definitely agree, most of the books I did read for tour I really enjoyed but wow I did feel overwhelmed

  3. I understand how you feel. I recently unsubscribed to a lot of book tour hosts to as it just becomes overwhelming and not fun anymore. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and I look forward to chatting more to you.

    1. Exactly, reading what I want and when I want on my own schedule has definitely helped a lot. No problem and thank you too :)


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