Tuesday, 8 September 2015

July & August Wrap Up

July and August were pretty great months for myself, even if I did take a month off from blogging to visit my boyfriend, I was still able to read and game  a lot and get back into the swing of things with blogging. I'm so happy to be back and I'm praying my final year studying wont halt my progress here.


監獄学園, Vol. 16 One Dismissed
Figuring out exactly where I am in Kangoku Gakuen isn't easy, I'm currently reading it online as they've yet to be translated and published in english. One and Dismissed were both books I received for review the month prior so I'm doing well at keeping on top of review books this time around.


おやすみプンプン 9 おやすみプンプン 10 Samurai Champloo, Volume 1 おやすみプンプン 11 Otogi Zoshi: Volume 1 Otogi Zoshi: Volume 2 おやすみプンプン 12 Bonne Nuit Punpun #13
During August I went on a bit of a manga binge, I got fed up of having Samurai Champloo and Otogi Zoshi just sitting on my shelf unread year after year so I read those. Otogi Zoshi is only two volumes and is was an okay read, Samurai Champloo seemed to be interesting but honeslty I imagine it works better as an anime so I'm not going to continue with that series - which y'know also saves me buying any more of the manga books too.

Oyasumi Punpun is another manga I have to read online because whilst its finished it doesn't seem to have ever been fully translated for sale, I'm so gutted about this because I would totally purchase it (I just went to amazon to double check and it seems 15th March 2016 the first volume will be published in English omg). This is a depressing slice of life manga, I'm not going to sugar coat this, I cried a few times throughout and said "holy shit, what the fuck" on more than one occassion too. I can't begin to put into words the rollercoaster this series is. I'm glad I've finally finished it because it is a tough read at times but overall worth it.


I've got a lot of reviews to catch up on but I will do it, I believe in myself. The past two months I posted reivews for the follwing:

The Assasin's Blade by Sarah J. Maas - ****
Click by Lisa Becker - *****
One by Sarah Crossan - ****
Dismissed by Kirsty McManus - **


Due to my reading slump I chose not to take part in any challenges but the Goodreads one, and for the second time I have completed my goal.

I've now upped it from 36 to 50 books but I'm currently 7 books ahead of schedule so no doubt I'll reach that soon.


  1. I feel another slump coming my way. It feels like I've been getting it every month!

    1. I've got one now thanks to QoS, though its more a hangover than slump. God its so good. I'm dreading how I'll feel once I start university again.


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