Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2012 Wrap Up

Happy New Year my lovely readers, I hope 2012 treated you well. I noticed that running this blog really did help me read more, but I also ended up getting my hands on more books too. I also expanded Northern Plunder onto Twitter and Facebook so it'd be wonderful if you could go and follow/like us over there and then we can all keep it contact some more. I held some reviews back to post throughout the start of this year so there wouldn't be too many gaps.

Outdo Yourself Challenge:
Links are to the reviews, starred books are reviews to come & italic books are ones I received for review. For this I challenged myself to read 11 more books than last year, I ended up reading over 33 more books!
5. Harry Potter: The Prequel
7. Water for Elephants
9. The Night Circus
10. *Uglies*
11. Before I go to Sleep
12. 1Q84 Book 1
13. *Pretties*
15. A Good Man
17. Numbers
18. *Specials*
19. Batman: The Killing Joke
23. Pandora Hearts Volume 1
28. Free Four: Tobias Tells the Story
29. Orchid
31. Tallis
32. FLCL
36. Enthralled (1 + 2)
43. *Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children*
44. Pledged
45. *Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter*
46. *Backstage Pass*
48. *Rock Hard*
50. Beano Annual 2012
51. Beano Annual 2013
53. *The Last Witch*
So as you can see, not only did I read a lot more but I review more of what I read compared to last year too! Yippee. Okay and in all honestly the reviews I've held back are due to struggling with knowing how to review them or they're part of a series so their review has been written but I haven't read the last book yet.

A-Z Book Challenge:
Eh, I was so freaking close to finishing this challenge, so close! Oh well. It wasn't really one that I was concentrating on, it was more of a case of filling in the blanks when one was completed, surprised how close I did get.
A - Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
B - A Blood Seduction
C - Catching Fire
D - Death of a Murderer 
E - Enthralled
F - Free Four: Tobias Tells the Story
G - A Game of Thrones
H - The Hunger Games
I - Intangible
K - Batman: The Killing Joke
L - The Last Witch
M - Mockingjay
N - The Night Circus
O - Orchid
P - Pandora Hearts
Q - 1Q84
R - Rock Hard
S - The Secret
T -This Brilliant Darkness
U -Uglies
V - The Vittra Attacks
W - Water for Elephants
Y -
Z - Zelah Green

Millionaire Challenge:
This is an ongoing challenge, just to see how long it takes to read a million pages.
14,875 pages down!


  1. Great job! I have decided to join some challenges in 2013. I am hoping it will inspire me to read more and make it a little more fun.

    1. Thanks! I chose some more specific challenges this year to help too :3


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