Thursday, 3 May 2012

03052012: Expanding Northern Plunder

As many of you may already be aware Northern Plunder started off as a personal blog as I was completely undecided of what I wanted to use it for but as my book blog on tumblr - which I shared images of books and tea that I found throughout flickr - started to grow I realise that this space on the interweb would be a great opportunity to continue my book blogging in a much more organised way that was completely my own content. So here I slowly and surely started to build up content here that was all about my reading experience - reviews, joining in with weekly meme's and challenges - the usual mumbo jumbo.

Any the last few months I have started taking this much more seriously and been focusing on aiming to put out a lot more content, its been a slow transformation but gradually I've been reaching my aim more and more especially as college came to an end. With this I chose to expand even more to make sure I was getting the best out of my blog.

In short this post is to let you all know that Northern Plunder is now part of the twitter and facebook community and I hope you come and join me!

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